"The Wandering Earth 2": Too much to say

    As a pretty good film, I have never seen so many viewers leave to go to the bathroom in the middle, nor have I seen so many viewers. He hurriedly left his seat and prepared to go out, then stopped in the aisle and looked back at the Easter egg.

    These are generally phenomena that only occur when watching bad movies, but it is very interesting for good movies-of course, the reason is because this movie "wife is too long". This is not only because the 173-minute duration is close to 3 hours, but also because most audiences have a psychological perception of the film.

    "For the New Year's Eve, I may not be ready yet. This is such a huge production."

    "The Wandering Earth 2" Poster

    If you use a few sentences to briefly comment on "The Wandering Earth 2", then it can be roughly said as follows:

    "Like "Avatar 2", it is the benchmark for the production of standard giant commercial films, but the style has completely gone to two extremes. The former is that the story is too simple and boring to watch for 3 hours, while this one wants to say too much, 3 It’s still complicated after hours. Both films show a very high level of comprehensive production in the film industry, but neither of them can make the audience like it enough to go to the theater to watch it a second time.”

    For some films, it can be so good that the audience can spontaneously watch it twice or three times. "The Wandering Earth 2" is considered a good movie, but it is still far from this standard.

    This can be regarded as an objective evaluation as much as possible.

    In fact, when I watched it, it was still very shocking.

    Thinking about it, only four years have passed since the release of the first sequel, and many of them may have stagnated work due to the epidemic, but the director and other production staff have been able to produce such achievements in such difficult four years. The film effect is really incredible. Especially compared to "Avatar" which came out with a mediocre sequel more than ten years later, the work efficiency of our "Daguo Heavy Industry" is really surprising, and it is unambiguous to take the film seriously.

    Not only the length of the film, but the story capacity of "The Wandering Earth 2" is more than twice that of the previous work, not to mention the shaping and shooting of a large number of new environments such as the moon and underwater and the overall atmosphere of "all human beings". The workload hidden in it is quite astonishing.

    If it is said that "those who offend China will be punished even if they are far away" are just rhetoric uttered in a small and medium-budget film, then "The Wandering Earth 2" seems to really depict a "Chinese blockbuster" in the atmosphere of a "Chinese blockbuster". Under the leadership of the Chinese”, the grand picture of all human beings trying to save themselves. Compared with Hollywood blockbusters that always rely on Americans and the spirit of liberalism to save the world, we finally have the confidence to speak uprightly in the film, and at the same time, the image can also match the identity of this "human leader" , not embarrassing.

    Stills of "The Wandering Earth 2"

    There are a lot of spoilers below

    There are a lot of spoilers below

    There are a lot of spoilers below

    "Wandering Earth 2" has many similarities with its predecessor in the overall structure. It has the standard program of commercial blockbusters and the core of the story that can be explained clearly in one sentence: Human beings are facing the crisis of the sun, and the earth must "wander". In the key "ignition" program, one or several "little people" worked hard to complete it in different ways He fulfilled his own mission, and finally let the earth "fly up again" and saved all mankind.

    This kind of "ordinary hero saving the earth" story is the unified appearance of all Hollywood commercial blockbusters, and it also contains a very complicated content system about the duration and rhythm of the film. For example, how much time is needed to shape the protagonist’s image and social relationships at the beginning, how to describe his emotional sustenance and personal ideals in detail, and then how much space should be spent to emphasize the seriousness of the crisis. It is best for the protagonist’s relatives and friends to be involved in the crisis. Among them, and how to set clear action goals and constantly emerge new crises in the final key action sequence, and increase the sense of tension through changes in narrative rhythm such as parallel interspersed. These are standard procedures for commercial films.

    No matter how complicated and ambitious the setting of "The Wandering Earth" is, even when Liu Cixin's original novel came out in 2000, people were amazed at how "dare to think" it was. Once it becomes a commercial film, it needs such a popularization process. . Director Guo Fan adapted and created the background of the original story in accordance with the standard blockbuster model in the previous work, even a completely new writing, and provided rich visual images and life details that can be believed by the audience in the finished film. The amazingly innovative part of The Wandering Earth.

    Stills of "The Wandering Earth 2"

    In "The Wandering Earth 2", these excellent places are also preserved. The audience can see the outstanding courage and skill of the protagonist "Wu Jing" from the first hour of crisis events. Not only does the scene shape the hero, but also intersperses the humorous details of his love for "Wang Zhi" and "Wu Jing". The profound teacher-student friendship between Wu Jing" and "Sha Yi". These multi-angle and detailed depictions of the characters reflect the ubiquitous efforts of the director from the script to the shooting. With many seemingly inadvertent small designs, they create an overall credible unrealistic environment, and more importantly, make the audience I believe that "Wu Jing", an ordinary astronaut's life problem, is not far away from us.

    At the same time, the intense action scenes are also well designed, and the excitement of "Jerking off All over the Sky" is no less than the climax scene of the previous work. Let the audience have an understanding of the difficult background full of dangers in the future "Wandering Earth" project, and the appearance of "space elevator", a classic and fashionable thing in science fiction, is a surprise.

    Although there is not much magic in such a conventional way of film development, all these details are obviously where "The Wandering Earth 2" does better. From the beginning, it has set its own standard in commercial blockbusters in a position that stands out from the crowd superior.

    Stills of "The Wandering Earth 2"

    After the end of the first crisis, although the action scenes amazed the audience very much, it has exceeded the end of 80% of the action movies, but "The Wandering Earth 2" has just begun.

    In addition to "Wu Jing", the protagonists of the other two clues have just come online: one is the Chinese spokesperson played by Mr. Li Xuejian, based on the "United Government Forum" and other scenes, showing the very complicated international political game background of the "Wandering Earth" project; the other It is the core computer researcher played by Andy Lau. In the future, he will be driven by his emotions for his daughter, and he will be partially "blackened" and become the main source of crisis in the film.

    The overall film is a process in which these three groups of characters continue to cross in parallel and advance separately. These three groups of protagonists each have their own surrounding supporting roles, independent of each other, and there is no rivalry at all. But the audience knows that for the problems that continue to arise in the "Wandering Earth" project, they are all working hard in their own ways to overcome difficulties in their own dimensions, and by fulfilling their "responsibility", they have finally contributed to the success of the entire big plan. , and successfully rescued all mankind.

    This is a parallel grouping method commonly used in American dramas, each following its own story line. In the previous work, the characters of different groups still had a bloodline emotional connection, but in the sequel, it is estimated that in order to strengthen the feeling of "community of all mankind", the director completely eliminated the actual connection between the characters. Because the audience can't see these scenes, they don't seem to feel that they have lost anything.

    The passing of Wu Jing and Andy Lau in the film is the only intersection between different groups of characters. No dialogue, unfortunately.

    Just thinking about it vaguely, I feel that the rhythm is a bit "hurried". What if these different protagonists have the opportunity to talk face to face? The collision of their different viewpoints and visions, each person's different choices triggering changes in the fate of others in the future, may produce several very exciting literary dramas. It's a pity that the film has too much to say, and these literary dramas have no chance to unfold.

    In the end, the audience is watching a "drama". "Wandering Earth 2" seems to be "no chance to show problems". That's the problem with this film.

    The duration of "The Wandering Earth 2" is the accumulation of the "quantity" of two ordinary films. The lack of rivalry and collision between different characters means that there is a lack of "qualitative" changes, only "quantity". Stuffing the audience for three hours at a time, although they are full, they will also feel mentally fatigued. In Hollywood blockbusters with multiple clues, such as "Independence Day", this problem sometimes occurs. The films are more than lively, but not exciting enough.

    Stills of "The Wandering Earth 2"

    If the film is disassembled and evaluated as a whole, the clues and crises of Wu Jing as the protagonist are basically relatively complete and clear. There are quite a lot of emotional experience here, whether it is the conventional love for a sick wife, a man's sense of responsibility to save his family, or some nostalgia for "Wu Mengda" teacher outside the play, all contain quite heavy factors; In the "Nuclear Bomb Crisis" action, whether it was "Wu Jing" who died bravely, or the middle-aged and elderly heroes represented by "Sha Yi" who chose to sacrifice collectively, and even gave "Wu Jing" "hope for life" because of this, these The plot is also enough to make people worry. In particular, the scene where the old people take the initiative to die is extremely tragic, which can be regarded as the most embarrassing scene in the film.

    Stills of "The Wandering Earth 2"

    For the leader played by Mr. Li Xuejian, the plot of this clue is somewhat mixed. Many viewers think that the "main theme" of the film means too much, which also comes from the setting of this character image.

    In reality, the "Wandering Earth" plan that concerns all mankind will be implemented, how to implement it, who should do what, and what kind of big country responsibility to take. Of course, everyone will have different ideas. political drive. It's just that how to design and present these plots is more appropriate, which can not only reflect our position, but also make the spokespersons of various countries look not naive. I am afraid that there is also a degree of problem.

    For the previous work, there is no such high-level clue at all. In the sequel, an image of a leader who worked hard like "our beloved Prime Minister" was filmed. Whether the audience feels that it conveys the real feeling from the real world is a matter of opinion. Generally speaking, in order to shoot this part well, we must take into account many realistic factors other than the movie, which is very difficult.

    It is even more difficult for the clue to fall on the engineer played by Andy Lau. This is a very complex character.

    Stills of "The Wandering Earth 2"

    I guess the editors and directors have read the original "Three-Body Problem" many, many times, and may even learn from Liu Cixin directly, so they made up such a character. Tu Hengyu, played by Andy Lau, is to some extent a male copy of Ye Wenjie. He has great scientific research ability, and should have played the role of "professional assistant" in the story, but his position has deviated again, and even completely turned to the opposite of all human beings.

    This kind of "superior intellect and evil in heart" role is a combination of good and evil, which is extremely contradictory. However, what is frightening is that the internal logic of this "evil mind" is presented in great detail by the director, which is far more reasonable than Thanos's "I just want to erase half of the people without distinction", which is very intriguing.

    Except for Mr. Liu, who knows the "highly educated people" very well, it is difficult for others to describe the spiritual world of this group of people. To put it simply, having a lot of knowledge does not mean that the position is correct. Even if scientists have weird ideas in their minds, the harm to all human beings is far greater than that of ordinary people. This is a complex issue full of controversy about "technical ethics". The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, and the greater the destructiveness.

    Along with this kind of controversy, the director designed fashionable content such as "consciousness uploading" and "artificial intelligence", which are also common but quite lively themes in science fiction films. For audiences who are not familiar with sci-fi films, it is quite a new topic. It's just that the "instigator" of all the crises is revealed at the end of the film, and the logic of "to promote the renewal of human civilization" is briefly explained. Although they are all regular commercial films at the end of "the way to surprise the audience", whether it seems sloppy, or not Debatable.

    Stills of "The Wandering Earth 2"

    The above is an analysis and sorting out of "The Wandering Earth 2".

    In fact, the content of the film is not only the amount of ordinary two or three films, but also a lot of details. For example, when everyone goes to the relief to receive food, "Wu Jing" can give out a few more fruits, because the record is "(20) 44 years of meritorious service"; for timid and fearful robots, the staff will encourage them to say "You are a police dog Ah", and then forcibly threw it into the water; the black comrade-in-arms had a good relationship with "Wu Jing", and every time he reminded him not to fight with his body, saying "We are not regular employees, and we don't have medical insurance." These interesting details, like "thousands of roads, safety first, irregular driving, and two lines of tears from relatives" in the previous film, reflect director Guo Fan's full observation and understanding of real life, which is very superb. artistic reproduction.

    All these points, very hard work, and very diligent. "The Wandering Earth 2" is a good commercial film in this sense.

    But on the other hand, the audience gets tired easily after watching too much. This is not only in today's short video entertainment, the 3-hour film itself is easy to make people tired, and there are more problems with the internal rhythm and story capacity of the film. Too much to say, too much information, and the content explodes. If it explodes, it will drown out some very strong emotional parts, but it will dilute the overall perception, which is a pity.

    Stills of "The Wandering Earth 2"


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