A number of Chinese films were shortlisted for the Berlin Film Festival, and Zhang Lu's "The Light of the White Tower" competed for the Golden Bear Award

    On January 23 local time, Mariette Rissenbeek, executive director of the Berlinale International Film Festival, and Carlo Chatrian, artistic director, jointly announced the list of shortlisted films for the 73rd Berlinale International Film Festival this year. . In the main competition unit that received the most attention, "The Light of the White Tower" directed by Zhang Lu and starring Xin Baiqing, Huang Yao, and Tian Zhuangzhuang took a place among the 18 shortlisted films. This is the consecutive year that Chinese films have participated in the competition for the Golden Bear Award since Li Ruijun's "Into the Dust and Smoke" last year.

    "The Light of the White Tower" starring Xin Baiqing, Huang Yao, Tian Zhuangzhuang

    The protagonist of "The Light of the White Tower" is Gu Wentong (played by Xin Baiqing), who has gone through divorce and is in middle age. He makes a living by shooting videos of food exploration with young photographer Ouyang Wenhui (played by Huang Yao). The relationship between the two is not only a partner, but also has an ambiguous relationship, and it is also like a father and daughter. However, in Gu Wentong's own life, his father (played by Tian Zhuangzhuang) has always been absent. The two haven't seen each other since his father was sent to a labor camp when he was five. By chance, Gu Wentong learned that his father had been living in Beidaihe. Encouraged by Wenhui, he decides to meet his father who has lost contact with him for more than 40 years.

    As a director of Korean nationality, Zhang Lu has been wandering in the film industry of China and South Korea for many years. Previously, his films such as "Gyeongju" and "Ode to the Goose" filmed in South Korea were well received. In recent years, he has expanded the background of the story to Japan. His last work, "A Long Confession" starring Zhang Luyi and Ni Ni, was filmed in Yanagawa, Fukuoka. "The Light of the White Tower" is Zhang Lu's 14th feature film, and it is also his first work completed in China after more than ten years. However, this is not his first trip to Berlin. As early as 2007, his third feature film "Boundary" was shortlisted for the main competition.

    There are also famous directors in the list of the main competition unit in Berlin this year. For example, French director Philippe Garrel's new work "The Big Dipper", starring his three children Louis Garrel, Esther Garrel and Lena Garrel, is about a puppet The sad and happy story of an entertainer's family. Also, German director Margaret von Trotta's new work "Bachmann's Desert Journey" was shortlisted for this unit.

    Sixteen of the 18 films in this year's main competition are world premieres. The two exceptions are Makoto Shinkai's "Journey to Suzuya," which was released in Japan last November, and Korean-Canadian director Celine Song's "Once Upon a Time," which just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. ".

    Of the three major film festivals in Europe, the Berlinale has always been the best when it comes to gender equality. There are six works directed by women in the main competition this year, one less than last year, but considering the impact of the epidemic on film creation, this one-third proportion is not easy. They are "Twenty Thousand Kinds of Bees" by Spanish director Estibaliz Uresola Solagren, "Bachmann's Journey in the Desert" by Margaret von Trotta, German "Someday We Will Tell Each Other Everything" by Emily Atef, "Music" by German director Angela Shanalek, "Once Upon a Time" by Celine Song and Mexican director Lila Aviles "Totem".

    "Snow Cloud" directed by Wu Lang, starring Li Meng, Li Kangsheng, and Renke was shortlisted for the Adventure Unit.

    In addition to the main competition, Chinese films are also fully blooming in other units of this year's Berlin Film Festival. "Snow Cloud", directed by Wu Lang and starring Li Meng, Li Kangsheng, and Renke, was shortlisted for the Adventure Unit, which aims to encourage the exploration of new art forms. The new work "In Water" by South Korean director Hong Changxiu, a frequent guest of the Berlin Film Festival, was also shortlisted for this unit.

    Han Shuai's new work "Green Night" was shortlisted for the panorama unit. In 2021, her "Hannan Summer" won the Best Film Award in the New Generation Unit. The new animation "Deep Sea" directed by Tian Xiaopeng, which was just released, was shortlisted for this year's new generation unit.

    "Deep Sea" was shortlisted for the new generation unit

    "My Friend" was shortlisted for the Short Film Competition

    Director Zhang Dalei will present two works, namely "Moses on the Plain", which was selected for the drama screening unit, and "My Friend", which was shortlisted for the short film competition unit, starring Zhou Xun and Wang Yibo. Also in 2021, Zhang Dalei's "Half the Afternoon" won the Silver Bear Jury Award in the Short Film Competition. This year, his competitors also include the work "Intimacy" by young director Cheng Yu.

    Zhao Hao's short film "One Moment" was shortlisted for the 14plus category of the New Generation Short Film Competition. "The Shining River" directed by Lei Lei was selected into the Pioneer Forum unit. Hong Kong director Cheng Po-sui's new work "Murder" was selected for the special screening unit. All in all, this year's Berlin Film Festival is the largest collective "going overseas" of Chinese films since the epidemic.

    The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival will be held from February 16th to February 23rd. It is worth mentioning that following two years of online engagements, the European Film Market, a feature of the Berlin Film Festival, will also return to offline this year.

    【List of films shortlisted in the main competition unit】

    20,000 Species Of Bees

    Director: Estibalz Uresola Soragren (Spain)

    The Shadowless Tower

    Director: Zhang Lu (China)

    Till The End Of The Night

    Director: Christoph Hochhausler (Germany)


    Director: Matt Johnson (Canada)

    Disco Boy

    Director: Giacomo Abruzzi (Italy)

    The Big Dipper (The Plow)

    Director: Philippe Garrel (France)

    Ingeborg Bachmann – Journey Into The Desert

    Director: Margaret von Trotta (Germany)

    "Someday We'll Tell Each Other Everything"

    Director: Emily Atef (Germany)


    Director: Ivan Sen (Australia)

    Bad Living

    Director: Joao Canni (Portugal)

    Playground (Manodrome)

    Director: John Trengoff (South Africa)


    Director: Angela Shanalek (Germany)

    Past Lives

    Director: Celine Song (Canada)

    Red Sky (Afire)

    Director: Christian Petzold (Germany)

    On the Adamant

    Director: Nicolas Philibert (France)

    The Survival Of Kindness

    Director: Love de Hill (Australia)


    Director: Makoto Shinkai (Japan)


    Director: Lila Aviles (Mexico)


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