2023 CCTV Spring Festival Gala: Be "the eyes of the times" and talk about "the emotions of life"

    "A thriving new era of China, a better life with ever-changing changes", China Central Radio and Television's "2023 Spring Festival Gala" came to a successful conclusion.

    Mascot of the 2023 Spring Festival Gala

    As the gala with the highest ratings and the most attention in China, the annual Spring Festival Gala is a symbol of family affection and nostalgia for more than one billion Chinese. ; It is the emotional sustenance and aesthetic enjoyment of people of all ethnic groups to celebrate the new year happily, it is a beautiful companionship for family reunion, and it is also the common spiritual pillar of Chinese people all over the world.

    The theme of this year's Spring Festival Gala is joyous, auspicious and joyful. There are various types of programs such as singing and dancing, language, opera, martial arts, acrobatics, and children's. They are "eyes of the times" and "emotions of life". , presenting a vigorous new look and a new atmosphere in the new era and new journey, and also conveyed to the people of the whole country the spirit of working hard and moving forward with courage.

    Be the "Eye of the Times"

    The Spring Festival Gala is not only a grand party, but also the "eyes of the times", the recorder of the beautiful era and the disseminator of the spirit of the times, presenting social life, constructing social memory, and recording social changes.

    The 2023 Spring Festival Gala is still the "eyes of the times". It reflects the major events in China's society, life, and culture in the past year, the hot topics and focus news that the people pay close attention to, and the thoughts and emotions of the people in the past year. Changes, after artistic refinement and reorganization, are displayed in front of hundreds of millions of viewers, reflecting the changes of the times, hitting the inner expectations of the people, and condensing the driving force for progress.

    As the host Ren Luyu said on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala: Three years ago on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, everyone paid tribute to the medical staff and cheered for Wuhan together. Today we are standing here again, looking at the smiling faces in the audience , His heart was extremely moved, "The Chinese have united with strength and kindness, and have gone through this long and arduous struggle hand in hand."

    Yes, the epidemic has cost us a lot and lost a lot, but we have finally survived these three long years and ushered in the moment when life returns to normal. The song "It will be fine soon" sang our expectations, desires and joys for a new life, "Watch movies together, go to bars together, run to the distance together", "Bask in the sun together, hang out together, Under the sunset".

    Song "It'll Be All Right Soon"

    In the process of creating a better era, everyone is not easy, everyone is great, from angels in white to people's soldiers, from scientific researchers to community workers, from online car drivers to courier brothers.

    For example, when we were happily enjoying the "New Year's Eve dinner" of the Spring Festival Gala, the volume of express deliveries in various places was still running at a high level, and the first-line express delivery brothers were still fighting the wind and snow and the severe cold, sticking to their posts. Wang Baoqiang, Yang Zi, and Wang Ning's sketch "I'm Coming Soon" and Huang Bo's song "Little Brother" pay tribute to every ordinary and extraordinary builder of the times, and at the same time call on us to "not rush, Smile optimistically", give more understanding and tolerance to the "little buddies", and all good things will come soon.

    Song "Little Brother"

    Traditional culture has become the "top trend" of the times, and has been integrated into our families and daily life, and has also become a fashion pursued by young people. Creative transformation and innovative development are inseparable. To carry forward the excellent traditional culture with rich and innovative expressions has become the practice of the 2023 Spring Festival Gala.

    Whether it is the acrobatics "Dragon Leaping in China", which combines the traditional intangible cultural heritage "Zhongfan" with the elements of Peking Opera, classical dance and martial arts, and brings the oldest anchoring bridge in my country to the stage, the wind blows and the water flows beautifully. Huan's "Bridge of Ikgar Steps", or the creative program "Man Ting Fang·National Beauty", which uses dance as the language and music as the rhyme, interweaves and paints the garden full of youth. Traditional arts are collided in a new design to create a more splendid The spark of art is fascinating, and it also makes traditional culture shine, becoming a bond that unites the Chinese nation.

    Acrobatics "Dragon Leaps Over China"

    Dance "The Bridge of Ikari"

    Creative program "Man Ting Fang·National Beauty"

    To be the "eyes of the times" means not only recording and inheriting the best parts, but also pointing out the social ills, responding to the pain points of the people, daring to criticize the current ills, and making voices of injustice. Only by improving the problems, our era will progress.

    Sketch "The Pit"

    The skit "The Pit" brought by Shen Teng, Ma Li and others is as meaningful as ever and of a high standard. Section Chief Hao, played by Shen Teng, is a typical lying-down cadre. In his position, he does not plan for his own affairs, does not do practical work, does not take responsibility, is irresponsible and does not act. Pushing the blame to the public - "the people's ability to respond to potential dangers is insufficient", not only seriously damages the image of the people's public servants, but also seriously damages the hearts of the people. The sketches are full of allegory without shying away from the edge, reflecting the Spring Festival Gala's vigilance to the problems of the times, and the strong sense of social responsibility and humanistic care of the Spring Festival Gala.

    "The Emotions of Life"

    As a traditional festival that has lasted for thousands of years, the origin of the Spring Festival contains profound cultural connotations. In the inheritance and development of thousands of years, it also embodies the essence of traditional Chinese culture. Protecting beautiful traditions, showing beautiful emotions, and "pointing out the spiritual beacon of the foundation of human beings and the norms of morality" have become the unshirkable responsibility and mission of the Spring Festival Gala.

    In the 2023 Spring Festival Gala, we will talk about "emotions in life" and beautiful emotions. With typical scenes, events, and characters in life, we will draw vivid Ukiyo-e paintings of the times, and we will respect family and everything, respect the old and love the young. Modern interpretation of traditional concepts such as honesty, honesty and trustworthiness, self-improvement, solidarity and mutual assistance, etc., makes the audience resonate with each other, and at the same time achieves the enlightening effect of "sneaking in with the wind, turning the spring into rain".

    For Chinese people, "home" is not only a place where we eat, drink, and rest, but also a collective place for blood, family, relationship, and spiritual belonging. Therefore, home is the most important and softest place in our hearts. place.

    The song "Mother or Daughter" sung by Huang Qishan and Xilinna Yigao presents the inner monologues of mothers and daughters in the form of letter dialogues, sings about mothers to daughters, daughters to mothers, and the love and affection of family members to family members. It is precisely because of the existence of family members that life is so worthy of our nostalgia.

    Song "Mother is Daughter"

    However, no matter how happy a family is, it is inevitable that there will be various bumps and bumps. As long as there is more mutual understanding, mutual support, and mutual tolerance among family members, home is our eternal warm harbor.

    In the skit "First Meeting Photo Studio", the middle-aged couple played by Yu Zhen and Sun Qian. The strong love in their youth has become dull under the wear and tear of daily life; but in the first meeting photo studio, they ran into Bai Yufan and Zhang Jianing The sweet and loving newlyweds who played the role recalled their appearance when they "first met", and also remembered the original intention of "family": love each other as a family.

    The skit "On the Hot Search" also interprets the true meaning of "family harmony and everything prospers" and "why do things like that between family members" in the same laughter and cursing.

    The sketch "Hot Search"

    And "Looking at each other for 50 seconds", which has been well received by young people, reminds every couple with vivid stories and performances, how long has it been since we looked at each other for 50 seconds? Don't let the original heart of love be dusted.

    Sketch "Looking at each other for 50 seconds"

    Showing love, helping others, being honest, keeping promises, upholding righteousness, and upholding morality are all traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. In the past year, there have been too many heart-warming moments in our lives, such as Abdulgapal Mengde, a cart pusher in Xinjiang, Long Jie, a young firefighter in Chongqing, and a mother and son who moved a stool for a worker sheltering from the rain... These Seemingly insignificant acts of kindness, like countless twilight lights, converge into a bright galaxy that warms people's hearts.

    On the stage of this year's Spring Festival Gala, Mao Buyi sang the customized song "Hello, Stranger" alone, paying tribute to those warm strangers and those beautiful emotions in life. "Why did I give you my god, I have also accepted the kindness of strangers", love will be passed on, and love will be given as a gift.

    Spring Festival Gala customized song "Hello, Stranger"

    The microfilm "My Spring Festival Gala and Me" focusing on the stories of ordinary people in the Spring Festival Gala is one of the most tear-jerking and most acclaimed programs in this year's Spring Festival Gala. The microfilm presents a story of an ordinary audience’s dream of the Spring Festival Gala. Behind the story, we can see the great heroism of ordinary people: love life, devote themselves to life, keep promises, persist in dreams, refuse to be mediocre, come through hardships, and make dreams come true... "Those who touch people's hearts don't start with emotion, don't start with words, don't cut sounds, and don't go deep with righteousness." The stories of ordinary people are the most simple, sincere and touching.

    The touching microfilm "My Spring Festival Gala and Me"

    Small stage, big changes in family and country. The 2023 Spring Festival Gala not only presents the memory of great powers, records of social hotspots, but also writes stories of small families and imprints personal hearts; it is not only ideological, artistic, ornamental, but also has a full sense of technology; various works are conceived and creative The performances, themes and performances are all good, which not only brings satisfactory entertainment to the audience, but also leaves a deep impression and profound power.

    All the past is a prologue. The bell of the new year has already sounded, and the new year has set sail. Let us put the touch and strength gained in the Spring Festival Gala into our luggage, and continue to leap forward and run fast like a rabbit. , Competing in all walks of life to show their style and style.


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