The Spring Festival file continues to heat up, and many movies have announced their release plans this year

    On January 16, "Chinese Ping Pong: Jedi Counterattack", which was absent from the first wave of pre-sales during the Spring Festival, announced that it would be rescheduled to be released on the third day of the Lunar New Year. So far, 7 new films have gathered during the Spring Festival holiday, including 5 live-action films "The Wandering Earth 2", "Man Jianghong", "No Name", "Exchanging Life", "Chinese Ping Pong: The Jedi Counterattack", and 2 animated films "Bear Infested·Stay With Me" Bear Core", "Deep Sea".

    Finalized poster of "Chinese Ping Pong: Jedi Counterattack"

    The finalization of 7 films with different styles but excellent lineups and excellent appearance has made the domestic film market that has been deserted for almost a year suddenly lively. As of January 16, the total box office of pre-sales for the Spring Festival stalls exceeded 170 million yuan. The pre-sale box office was led by "No Name" directed by Cheng Er, starring Tony Leung and Wang Yibo with 50 million yuan, followed by "Man Jianghong" directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Shen Teng and Yi Yanqianxi, which also broke through the 40 million mark.

    Driven by the return of the audience's enthusiasm for watching movies, on January 16, many new films such as "When the Wind Rises Again", "The Sadness That Cannot Shed Tears", and "Universe Exploration Editorial Department" were announced to be released in the first half of this year, which fully demonstrated the importance of each film to the market. Pick up confidence.

    Data source: Beacon Pro

    There are various types of Spring Festival stalls, and the quality is super strong

    There are many types of Spring Festival this year, science fiction, comedy, suspense, drama, animation, giving the audience plenty of room to choose.

    As the sequel to the biggest dark horse in the Spring Festival four years ago, "The Wandering Earth 2" was announced as early as 2020. This is a prequel to the previous story, which will reveal the background of the "Wandering Earth Project". The released preview shows the continuation of its large-scale production of visual spectacle and Chinese warm expression.

    "The Wandering Earth 2"

    Both "Manjianghong" and "No Name" focus on "texture" and "suspense". "Man Jianghong" is Zhang Yimou's second Spring Festival movie. It tells the story of four years after Yue Fei's death, when Qin Hui and Jin Guo were in talks, a small soldier and the deputy commander of the pro-military battalion were coerced into layers of conspiracy. Teng, Yu Qian, Yue Yunpeng and other "comedy elements". "Unknown" tells the story of the Shanghai CCP's spy war. The trailer shows the unique style of the film. Cheng Er continues the distinctive style of the previous masterpiece "Romantic Disappearance History", which is also the theme of the old Shanghai Anti-Japanese War. The suspenseful plot and The complex characters add more fog to the film.

    The pre-sale box office of "No Name" broke through 50 million.

    "Exchanging Lives" is the only pure comedy film in the Spring Festival file. In addition to the traditional "changing bodies", the protagonist also exchanges family members. It is an indispensable family carnival film for the festival.

    The Spring Festival regular movie "Bear Infested" series of "Bear Children" returns with the ninth part "Bear Infested: Stay with me "Bear Core"", and "Robot Bear Mother" will bring an innovative fusion of family stories and sci-fi plots. The other animation "Deep Sea" is the work of Tian Xiaopeng, the director of the milestone "Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage", which has been prepared for seven years. The world's first three-dimensional particle ink animation technology will also be displayed.

    The belated "Chinese Ping Pong: Jedi Counterattack" is based on the story of the national table tennis men's team, which was at a low point in the early 1990s, forming a new army and fighting back at the 1995 World Table Tennis Championships. At the advance viewing ceremony held in Shanghai last week, professional athletes from the table tennis world spoke highly of the film, and many viewers were moved to tears by the exciting and inspirational stories on the table. Director Deng Chao led a group of ping-pong "layman" actors to practice hard for the film, which has also been unanimously recognized by professionals.

    After the Spring Festival, new films are being finalized one after another, and the domestic film market is gaining momentum

    According to the "2022 China Film Market Annual Inventory Report" released by the Beacon Research Institute, the total national movie box office in 2022 will be 30.067 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 36.4%, and the number of moviegoers will drop from 1.17 billion in 2021 to 710 million. The operating rate of theaters continued to be passively low throughout the year. 2022 can be described as a cold winter year for the domestic film market.

    In this context, for the film market that has been struggling for a long time, the Spring Festival file is not only a much-needed "recovery package", but also a "stimulant" that motivates the entire industry. In an interview with the movie "Man Jianghong", director Zhang Yimou said bluntly: "Starting from the Spring Festival, I hope that Chinese movies can take off."

    "Man Jianghong"

    The Spring Festival competition has just sounded the horn, and on January 16, another batch of new films will be collectively finalized.

    The romance film "Sorrow That Cannot Weep" starring He Landou and Cai Fanxi is scheduled for Valentine's Day. The film tells the story of Zhao Xinhui (played by He Landou) and Lin Hancong (played by Cai Fanxi) from childhood sweethearts to young hearts, and finally joined hands to become destined lovers. Director Tang Jiahui has participated in the movie "Across the World" and worked behind the scenes of many movies. He has rich acting skills and story creation ability. This time he directed his first feature film, which will use beautiful color style and audio-visual language to present a romantic and sweet love movie to the audience.

    "Sorrow That Cannot Weep"

    Nominated for the 16th Asian Film Awards, the Hong Kong crime action film "When the Wind Rises Again" starring Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung is finally scheduled to be released on February 17 after five years of "Snow Hidden". The film is adapted from real history. It tells the story of Lei Le, who is bold and aggressive, and Nan Jiang, who is reserved and resourceful. Director Weng Ziguang's film "Treading Blood and Seeking Plum Blossoms" won 7 awards at the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards. It is really exciting to reinterpret and present the detective story.

    "When the Wind Blows Again"

    On the same day, a literary film "The Rattle Drum", which had gained a good reputation at the Shanghai International Film Festival, was also scheduled for February 25. This is a father-son emotional road film in northern Shaanxi. Produced by Lu Wei, the screenwriter of "Farewell My Concubine" and "To Live", it tells a story of warm and cruel life at the bottom.

    "Rattle Drum Boom"

    Supervised by Guo Fan and Gong Ge, the main creators of "The Wandering Earth", the "pseudo-documentary science fiction film" "Cosmic Exploration Editorial Department", which won the highest score of 3.8 (the highest score 4) at the 2021 Pingyao Film Festival, is scheduled for April Fool's Day. As an unexpected interpretation of the "science fiction" genre, the screening of the film in Pingyao made the audience laugh continuously. The unconstrained artistic expression and unexpected plot trend are simply "super-fit" for the schedule of April Fool's Day.

    "Space Exploration Editorial Department"

    "Infernal Affairs" director Mak Siu-fai's commercial crime film "Prosecution" will be released on May 1st. The film starts with prosecutor Li Rui (played by Huang Jingyu) investigating and prosecuting an intentional homicide case. It mainly tells about his ability to perform his duties in the face of a case with complicated clues, and at the same time, he is pressed by the defendant's defense lawyer Tong Yuchen (played by Bai Baihe) to investigate. The truth that came out became more and more confusing. In recent years, excellent works focusing on public officials have continued to emerge, but few people have dabbled in crime prosecution films from the perspective of prosecutors. "Prosecution" fills the market gap for this type of film, revealing to the audience the detailed process of the prosecutor's investigation of the case, and the high-energy reverse plot setting makes the film extremely suspenseful.

    "Prosecutorial Storm"

    The romantic comedy "Please Don't Trust Her" joined by Happy Twist members is scheduled for May 20th. In the trailer, Bai Na (played by Zhang Ruonan) and Fang Yaodong (played by Wu Yuhan) are happy friends who do not know each other. Their unexpected encounters and collisions lead to a series of stories about love and killing each other. Fresh and amusing story settings, relaxed and cheerful jokes, and a gold-medal comedy lineup that cannot be underestimated will bring you a joyful and healing unique movie-watching experience.

    "Please Don't Trust Her"

    Previously, "The King of the Sky", which focused on the J-20 fighter jet, was also re-scheduled and will be released on April 28. At the same time, a batch of movies whose schedule has not yet been determined, but which are likely to be released in 2023 are also worth looking forward to: the police film "Sturdy as a Rock" directed by Zhang Yimou, starring Zhang Guoli, Yu Hewei and Zhou Dongyu; directed by Cao Dun and written by Ma Boyong Heroes of Dunhuang tells the story of the army and civilians of Dunhuang working together to make it return to the Tang Dynasty; the suspense thriller "She Who Disappeared" produced by Chen Sicheng and starring Zhu Yilong, Ni Ni, and Janice Man; "; directed by Wu Ershan, "Fengshen Trilogy" directed by Chen Kun, Huang Bo, Yuan Quan and other luxurious lineup; comedy "Keep You Safe" directed by Dapeng and "Enthusiasm" with the theme of street dance; "Patient" lives in the world of normal people, "Hedgehog" directed by Gu Changwei...

    "King of the Sky"

    The steaming Spring Festival stalls are slowly melting the ice in the movie market. Looking forward to when the spring breeze blows, the theater screen can be colorful again, and the seats can once again be filled with the laughter and tears of the audience.


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