'Blinking Universe' leads Independent Spirit Film Awards shortlist with eight nominations

    On November 22, local time, actors Taylor Paige and Raúl Castillo jointly announced the shortlist for the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards (Film Independent Spirit Awards). Indie film company A24's "Blinking Universe" leads the way with eight nominations, followed by Focus Features' "Tal" with seven nominations. In addition, "Bone and All" directed by Luca Guadagnino and "Inspection Day" produced by A24 also received multiple nominations.

    Still from "The Instant Universe," Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh)

    The Independent Spirit Award aims to encourage independent film and television creation in the United States. It has been held for 37 times so far. It originally only involved the film field. In 2021, TV awards will be added. This year, the award ushered in a major reform. In August, the organizing committee announced that performance awards, including Best Leading Role, Best Supporting Actor and the newly established Most Breakthrough Performance, will no longer be divided into male and female categories; The cost limit of works shortlisted for the John Cassavetes Award has also been raised from US$500,000 to US$1 million.

    In other words, the 38th Independent Spirit Awards, which will be announced on March 4, 2023, will be the first after the promulgation of the New Deal. Before the epidemic, the award ceremony for this award was usually scheduled to be held the day before the Oscars. After the epidemic, it was changed to an online event with an uncertain date. The date of this session is one week earlier than the Oscars (March 12, 2023), and it is still broadcast live online.

    Stills of "The Instant Universe", Husband (played by Kwan Jiwei)

    The shortlisted fields of "The Universal Universe" include Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, etc. Michelle Yeoh was shortlisted for Best Leading Actor, Jamie Lee Curtis as the tax officer, Kwan Ji-wei as Michelle Yeoh's husband as Best Supporting Actor, and Hsu Wei Lun as Michelle Yeoh's daughter for Breakthrough Performance.

    "Tal" was also shortlisted for awards including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. Cate Blanchett, who plays star conductor Tal, will compete with Michelle Yeoh for best lead role.

    Michelle Yeoh and Cate Blanchett also compete with Dale Dickey ("Little Love Song"), Mia Goss ("Pearl"), Regina Hall ("Tweet Jesus, Save Souls") , Paul Mescal ("After Sun Holiday"), Aubrey Plaza ("Emily the Criminal"), Jeremy Pope ("Inspection Day"), Andrea Rice Burrough ("For Leslie"), Taylor Russell ("Bones and All") - 10 nominees, eight of which are women. The Best Supporting Actor award is just the other way around, with male actors occupying eight of the ten nominees. There are five finalists for the Most Breakthrough Performance Award, four of which are female actors.

    [The 38th Independent Spirit Film Awards nomination list]


    "Bone and All"

    "Momentary Universe"

    "The Distance Between the Priest and the Devil"


    "Women's Negotiation"

    Best Director:

    Todd Field "Tal"

    Guo Gongda "Empress Yang"

    Kwan Ka-wing & Daniel Schnatter "The Instant Universe"

    Sarah Polley, The Women's Negotiation

    Harina Regin, The Corpse Game

    Best Leading Role:

    Cate Blanchett, "Tal"

    Dale Dickey "A Little Love Song"

    Mia Goss "Pearl"

    Regina Hall "Tweet Jesus, Save Souls"

    Paul Mescal, "After Sun Holiday"

    Aubrey Plaza, Emily the Criminal

    Jeremy Pope, "Parade Day"

    Andrea Riseborough, "To Leslie"

    Taylor Russell, "Bone and All"

    Michelle Yeoh "The Instant Universe"

    Best Supporting Actor:

    Jamie Lee Curtis, The Instant Universe

    Brian Tyree Henry, The Causeway

    Nina Hoss, "Tal"

    Brian Darcy James, The Cathedral

    Kwan Ji-wai "Instant Universe"

    Trevante Rhodes "The Boxer"

    Theo Rossi, Emily the Criminal

    Mark Rylance, "Bone and All"

    Jonathan Tucker, "Palm Trees and Power Lines"

    Gabrielle Union "Parade Day"

    Most Breakthrough Performance:

    Frankie Corio, "After Sun Holiday"

    Gracia Filippovich "Moray Eels"

    Hsu Wei Lun "The Instant Universe"

    Liz McInerney, "Palm Trees and Power Lines"

    Daniel Zurghadli "The Funny Pages"

    Best Screenplay:

    "Bird Catherine"


    "After Yang"

    "Momentary Universe"

    "Women's Negotiation"

    Best Edit:


    "Shell Marcel in Shoes"

    "After Sun Holiday"

    "Momentary Universe"


    Best Cinematography:


    "Moray eel"

    "After Sun Holiday"


    "Neptune Frost"

    Best Documentary:

    "House of Fragments"


    "Beauty and Bloodshed"

    "The Midwife"

    "Riotsville, USA"

    Best debut novel:

    "After Sun Holiday"

    "Criminal Emily"

    "Review Day"

    "Moray eel"

    "Palm Trees and Power Lines"

    Best Screenplay Debut:

    "Fire Island"

    "Palm Trees and Power Lines"


    "Corpse Game"

    "Criminal Emily"

    Best International Film:


    "Promised Land"

    "Leona Never Dies"

    "Back to Seoul"

    "Saint Omer"

    John Cassavetes Award:

    "Despair in Africa"

    "Little Love Song"


    "Holy Amy"

    "Things in the Dust"

    Robert Altman Award:

    "Women's Negotiation"

    Bright Bourbon Named Best Producer Award:

    Liz Cardenas

    Tory Lenosky

    David Grove Churchill Viste

    Notable Awards:

    Adama Ebo "Tweet Jesus, Save Souls"

    Nikiyatu Jusu "The Immigrant Nanny"

    Aracely Lemos, "Holy Amy"

    Truer Than Fiction Award:

    Isabel Castro, Miha

    Reedda Venport "I Didn't See You There"

    Rebecca Hunter "Beba"


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