Peter Weir and Four Receive Honorary Oscars

    On the evening of November 19 local time, the Oscars presented this year's Lifetime Achievement Award and Hellshot Humanitarian Award. Australian director Peter Weir, American composer Diane Warren, French Martinique-born multi-life filmmaker Euzhan Palcy and American actor Michael J. Fox (Michael J. Fox) is this year's recipient. Including Robert Downey Jr., Margot Robbie, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Yeoh and others attended the awards show.

    Left to right: Yuzhan Parcy, Michael J. Fox, Diane Warren, Peter Weir

    Once upon a time, the awarding of these two honorary awards decided by the Academy Council would be arranged in the middle and late stages of the awards ceremony. At that time, all the guests stood up and applauded the winners, which has always been one of the most exciting moments of the Oscars over the years. However, in order to shorten the duration of the ceremony, since 2009, the Oscars have reluctantly decided to withdraw this important link from the ceremony, and instead set up a Lifetime Achievement Awards Gala in November every year, so that the winners can fully enjoy themselves. The award-winning acceptance speech will be delivered at the right time, and the montage of the award-giving process will also be broadcast in the form of video clips during the live TV broadcast of the Oscars.

    However, last year's Lifetime Achievement Awards dinner was postponed again and again due to the epidemic. It was postponed from November last year to March this year. As for the year before last, it was not held at all. Therefore, after three years, the Oscars for Lifetime Achievement Awards finally returned to normal, which also marks that the entire Hollywood film industry is expected to usher in a full recovery.

    "Dead Poets Society" stills

    Among the four winners this year, the 78-year-old Australian director Peter Weir is the earliest. He was the main member of the New Wave movement in Australian film back then. After arriving in Hollywood, he became famous in the film industry with films such as "Dead Poets Society" and "The Truman Show". He also won six Oscars as a producer, director and screenwriter. Nominated, but has never been able to win the statuette.

    Diane Warren, 66, is the first composer in Oscar history to receive a lifetime achievement award. After decades in the industry, she has received as many as thirteen Oscar nominations, but unfortunately she has never won even one. However, she wrote the theme song "How Do I Live" for "Prison in the Sky", "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" for "The End of the World" and the theme for "Pearl Harbor". The song "There You'll Be" (There You'll Be) has been on the top of various best-selling charts, leaving a deep impression on people.

    "I just love to do this, I love to write songs, I love to write songs for movies, to write songs that can make people cry, give people hope, touch people, and make people unforgettable for a lifetime. This is what God destined me to do. I never get tired of what I do." After receiving the statuette from the famous guest singer Cher (Cher), Warren said excitedly, "Finally, I want to say that I have been waiting for 34 hours to say this. Years, that is, thanks to the Oscar Society."

    Stills of "Blooded Season"

    The 64-year-old Yuzhan Parsi may have a strange name for ordinary audiences, but she is a milestone filmmaker in Hollywood history. In 1989, she directed "A Dry White Season" (A Dry White Season) for MGM Pictures, which was the first work of a black female director invested and released by the so-called Big Eight film studios in Hollywood. Starring Donald Sutherland, Marlon Brando and Susan Sarandon, the film is about the apartheid crisis in South Africa in the 1970s. In order to shoot this film, Brando, who had basically retired from acting, was not only willing to come back, but also only received a minimum salary of 4,000 US dollars, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in this film. However, due to the sensitivity of the subject matter and the lack of publicity, the box office of "Blooded Season" was not satisfactory after its release, which also forced Percy to return to the field of documentaries and TV dramas. She herself has always felt quite regretful.

    After taking over the statuette from Oscar winner Viola Davis for Best Supporting Actress, Parcy said that she is often praised as a pioneer in the film industry and set a record for the first person of color, but she herself is not convinced I'm tired of this saying, because most of the time Hollywood is saying one thing and doing another, while praising her, while refusing to give her any chance to make a movie, the reason is that black movies don't make money, and women's movies don't make money either. .

    "But I'm going to tell you, black movies make money, women's movies make money. Black women's movies make money. The stories I'm going to make, not black people's stories, not white people's stories, but people's stories, are Everywhere has its value.” Parcy also specifically mentioned that she came to accept the award this time and brought her two young female students, “I hope they can go back to China after witnessing the history tonight. Martinique, tell those other kids about this experience."

    The above three received this year's Oscar for Lifetime Achievement, while actor Michael J. Fox received the Hellshot Humanitarian Award. Founded in 1956, the award is named after Jean Helshott, the founder of the Hollywood Film Fellowship Foundation, and aims to honor filmmakers who have made positive contributions to humanitarian causes, such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Famous actors such as Paul Newman have received this honor in the past.

    "Back to the Future" stills

    Michael J. Fox, born in 1961, is well-known to audiences around the world for the science fiction film "Back to the Future" series. In 1991, when he was less than 30 years old, he suffered from Parkinson's disease, which seriously affected his life and career. In 2000, he initiated the establishment of the Parkinson's Disease Research Center named after himself, and raised a total of one billion US dollars for it, making great contributions to the development of related drugs and treatments.

    Presenting the award to Fox that night was his longtime friend and actor Woody Harrelson. Harrison said in a relaxed tone: "This guy is a master of comedy. In the face of a chilling diagnosis, he bravely turned crisis into motivation and did such a big thing. The voice of the fight against Parkinson's disease, he will this tragedy The role that fell on his head was wonderful." In the face of standing applause from all the guests, Fox also did not forget to joke about his illness when receiving the award: "Stop clapping your hands, you made me cry again. Shake it up, guys."


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