What to watch this week|Luhan concert live broadcast, Conan movie version released

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    Fried chicken with meat floss, and some porridge side dishes! On November 16, Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda arrived in Taipei, China to attend the Golden Horse Film Festival and had supper with screenwriter Yuji Sakamoto.

    Sakamoto Yuji and Kore-eda Hirokazu, a proper gourmet fan

    On November 18, Hirokazu Kore-eda released the first trailer for his new film "Monster", and the Japanese official announced that it will be released on June 2, 2023. The film is written by Yuji Sakamoto, the screenwriter of "Love Like a Bouquet" and "Calling Love in the Center of the World". The plot still revolves around children. The film has been filmed and is in post-production.

    On the same day, Ke Jiayan, Xu Guanghan, and Shi Baiyu returned to star in the film version of "Want to See You" directed by Huang Tianren, and the first trailer was released. The film will unfold a story of twin cities in Taipei and Shanghai.

    "Want to See You" is back!

    There are a lot of new movies released in theaters this week. According to Beacon Professional Edition, as of 16:00 on November 18, "Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween" and "Hello, Beijing" occupy the top two single-day box office charts. " ranked fifth. Among them, the cumulative box office of Conan theatrical version has reached 14 million. In addition, the documentary "One Hundred Million" of the "Changjin Lake" series was also released today.

    The pre-sale box office of "Halloween Bride" broke through 10 million.

    "The Girl in the Swamp", "Detective Conan" and many other foreign films are scheduled for November

    "Changjin Lake" won two Golden Rooster Awards, and its documentary "One Hundred Million" premiered

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    Jia Zhangke: "It's a cold winter, we need to be enthusiastic"

    【TV drama】

    On November 17, Starring Zhang Ruoyun and Huang Yao, and directed by Ding Hei, "Dragon Boy" was completed. a journey of life. On the same day, the contemporary love story "Apocalypse Pretentious" starring Cai Wenjing and Han Dongjun, with Geng Le as a special star, wrapped up. The TV series "Can't Hide Secretly" starring Zhao Lusi and Chen Zheyuan will also be completed on November 14.

    "Dragon Boy" finale photo

    Adapted from Qiao Yao's novel "Wrong Liao", the domestic drama "Camp with Love" starts, with Wang Hedi and Bai Lu as the male and female protagonists. As soon as Reuters, the domineering president played by Wang Hedi, came out, netizens said, "The modern version of Dongfang Qingcang is here."

    No, the phone case on the embankment has been replaced.

    "You are the ideal in the world" starring Sheng Yilun and Wang Mohan will be broadcast on iQiyi on November 17. It tells the story of Gu Yancheng's accidental encounter in the play, which is similar to the "Fairy Rising to the Sky" handed down by his family. Xun Yuxuan, a woman of the same name, thus unfolds a love story of fighting wits and courage, falling in love and killing each other, directed by Yuan De, who created the super sweet CP of "The Eternal Love".

    "Daily Life"

    This week's next meal drama "Qingqing Daily" ushered in a major change. The six young masters of Xinchuan and Li Wei just expressed their hearts to each other and succeeded in their career. Xiaocheng successfully opened the house, and a thunderbolt on a sunny day forced him to marry Princess Yuanying of Jinchuan. Yuanying became The sixth young master is the main wife, but Li Wei can only be subservient and still be the concubine. Some viewers believe that the screenwriter ruined the atmosphere of Xiaotian drama. Although Yuanying had no intention of snatching Yin Zheng away, Li Wei lost her original vitality and gradually became a favorite woman in a patriarchal place.

    On November 16th, seven days after its broadcast, the popularity of "Qingqing Daily" on iQiyi exceeded 10,000.

    The author thinks that there is no need to abandon the drama so early. Objectively speaking, the appearance of Yuanying is not to disgust the audience, but to better create dramatic conflicts and add real content to a small sweet drama to the greatest extent. After all, for this drama, the heroine has no career of her own, and if she doesn't create conflicts between the characters, the plot will easily become more and more watery. And Yin Zheng will go to court after opening the house. Yuan Ying considers herself to be Yin Zheng's military adviser cabinet, which is also implementing the screenwriter's concept of "women should be self-improvement". It will also start to assist Yin Zheng, which can be regarded as having a "career line".

    In this way, Li Wei seems to be being disciplined, which may make female audiences feel uncomfortable, but it is originally a cosplay drama in ancient costumes. The screenwriter is trying to make the content more interesting, and the audience should not be too "glass-hearted". , love is tossing and turning, it is crying, it is disturbing the mind, it is tearing yourself apart to accept and adapt to another person, it is whether you change or love him, why not follow Li Wei and Yin Zheng for a while?

    "Qing Qing Daily": cosplay in ancient costumes, bringing a kind of happiness that is not disturbing

    "Light Me Up, Warm You Up"

    "Ignite Me, Warm You" has been on hold for a few days, and it only took a few days to go from a heart-pounding confession to a sadomasochistic breakup. The author followed the drama slowly with the complex mood of eating sweets and worrying about the imminent attack of abuse.

    two-way running

    Li Xun and Zhu Yun's exclusive entrepreneurial journey is about to begin, and the "L&P recovery schedule" starting next Monday has also been delivered.

    "The 28th Law of Love"

    Yang Mi's career fans are really happy recently. As soon as the doctor Mi finished, the lawyer Mi with red lips and professional attire took over. The long-awaited "Twenty-Eight Law" finally started broadcasting. The biggest highlight is the elite sister-brother relationship between Yang Mi and Xu Kai. One is a senior female lawyer and the other is a financial man at home. The buffs are properly stacked in the configuration.

    Stills of "The 28th Law of Love"

    Lawyer Qin Shi (played by Yang Mi) a few years ago randomly found a photo of a handsome guy on the Internet and posted a photo of a couple together, but at the critical moment of being promoted to a partner, he was accidentally met by a colleague with the "husband" (Xu Kai) in the photo ), if exposed, her years of career management may be ruined. Although I found a random netizen, it just so happens that this netizen is still single, and it just so happens that this netizen is a very powerful financial man, and it also happens that this netizen’s parents are urging him to marry, and it also happens that Qin Shi’s latest case and the financial industry They are closely related... It doesn't matter, idol dramas are composed of countless coincidences.

    This drama has beautiful women and handsome men, the relationship between the characters and the rhythm of the plot have a certain degree of visibility. The actors have completed the task, but it is not considered a breakthrough. Those unrealistic jobs, ungrounded life, unreasonable coincidences and misunderstandings, illogical past events, and strange circles of floating friends are all for the emotional service of the hero and heroine. But in idol dramas, falling in love is an unreasonable human activity.

    Some netizens complained that Yang Mi looked tired in this drama and did not match Xu Kai enough. Lawyers are a labor-intensive industry, and this drama focuses on sibling love. Why is it that the frilly uncle is allowed to fall in love with the girl, but the tired sister who works hard in the law firm is not allowed to fall in love?

    "The Long River of the World"

    From the script, the content of "The Long River in the World" is very solid. It basically talks about controlling the flood of the Yellow River. But when it comes to governance, you have to involve officials. Once officials are involved, it becomes complicated. Who is hiding, who is Framed, who is really controlling the water, it is up to the officials to decide, and it involves the complicated court politics of the Kangxi Dynasty. Xuan Ye was too young when he ascended the throne. When he was young, there were countless problems that needed to be solved before him. San Francisco, imperial examinations, infighting among Nanshufang ministers...every mountain of problems is pressing in front of the solution. "The Long River of the World" takes water control as a clue, and uses political power to spread horizontally. How Kangxi used people, the balance between power and officials, careful thinking, and deception... are all intensive highlights, which are very enjoyable.

    The shortcomings are also quite obvious, such as the most criticized actors and acting skills. There are several versions of Kangxi, I dare not say anything else, but Luo Jin's version must be the most gentle and bookish emperor, Xi Meijuan's Xiaozhuang must also be the most gentle and artistic Xiaozhuang, and the queen mother must also be the youngest queen mother .

    Does it look like a young master from a wealthy family who was scolded by a cultured grandma and didn't study hard?

    Who can say that this is not the girl from the prairie that Xuan Ye has a crush on? It is said that the relationship between mother and child is too outrageous.

    Kangxi's attitude towards ministers was even more gentle to the point of doubting the previous TV dramas. For example, he pulled Suo'etu to sit on the stool, and he stood to comfort Suo's emotions. The audience probably felt their legs go weak for Suo Xiang after watching it, but Suo Ertu still had a proud expression in the play.

    "The Long River of the World": To do something well, the most difficult thing is people

    "The Big Game"

    Zhou Meisen's script is trustworthy. Up to now, "The Great Game" still has a high degree of viewing. Needless to say, the acting skills of the actors and the three-legged structure, but the show has not been a big hit so far, and it does have its own reasons.

    In the opening chapter, the factory director played by Qin Hao is very down-to-earth, and the method of asking for money is also down-to-earth. However, as the plot deepens, the protagonists often talk about big business worth tens of millions. Capital business between multiple layers. The title of the show is right, and this game is indeed "big". However, in this business war, the reasons for being limited to state-owned enterprises have weakened the incentives and conflicts, and there is also a lack of depiction of human nature. It is more focused on the competition between large companies for their capabilities and investment vision. How this decision came about has not been shown, and it can only be defaulted as a "high-level decision", so the consequences of this kind of decision are not interesting.

    Stills of "The Big Game"

    Why did Zhou Meisen's "The Great Game" have a mediocre response?

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    An epic presentation of the great journey of poverty alleviation, "Splendid Mountains and Rivers" will be broadcast on the first day of the Central Committee


    The fifth season of "Talk Show Conference"

    On the evening of November 16, the fifth season of "Talk Show Conference" came to an end. "Little Raccoon" Hulan won the annual championship, and Bird won the second place. The program team invited real Luhan to be the comedian for the final, and Xu Zhisheng asked with a smile, "Which one is more beautiful, Luhan or me?"

    "Hulan, the champion!"

    Although there are a thousand champions in the eyes of a thousand people, Hu Lan's victory can be regarded as the popular expectation. After all, no matter from the depth of the text of this season, or from the level of bombardment of the jokes, he deserves it. However, the author also likes the classmate Niaoniao who is "a little bit" about life and who is brave enough to face the audience's doubts.

    "Annual Comedy Contest 2" Postponed

    On November 17th, @Annual Comedy Contest Official Blog posted, "The ninth episode of the second season of "Annual Comedy Contest", which was originally scheduled to be broadcast on November 18, will be postponed to 8:00 pm on November 25th. Thanks to all viewers for their support and understanding.”

    Official blog screenshot

    "Goodbye Love 2"

    On November 15, the third issue of the second season of "Goodbye Lover" "When the Winter Night Is Getting Warmer" was released. What tests will Chen Meiling & Ai Wei, Su Shiding & Lu Ge, Zhang Wanting & Song Ningfeng reach the new station? Is the candy that the reminder group is looking forward to coming? Just relying on the two small things of feeding at the dinner table and ordering to take the bag, the three couples have three ways.

    This kind of program is too much to test the details.

    Zhang Wanting, Song Ningfeng

    "Chaoyang Dage Center"

    At noon on November 18th, "Chaoyang Dage Center" officially launched. The singers/bands/idols who come to play songs are of various types and different styles. Although the setting looks a bit simple, it really has a sense of sight of the old singing show. Su Xing, as the store manager MC, invited Lu Hu and Zhang Yuan from the "re-employment boy group" in the first phase. When the partners gather together, it will not be so cold.

    landlord's cat

    From the perspective of the song itself, the author likes the landlord's cat's "Neither Come nor Go", and Guo Yifan's "People and People" is also quite distracting. In contrast, the recognition of several singing and dancing stages is not so high. It seems that idols have to work harder if they want to occupy a place in internal entertainment. However, you don’t need to be discouraged, as long as you are skilled, you will always have a bright future. After all, who wasn’t an idol/draft back then?


    Luhan Unplugged Concert

    Use a "Lu Han long time no see come out to chat" concert to tell about the various transformations over the years, and chat with a group of friends through music. At 19:50 on November 19th, singer Luhan's first "Luhan Unplugged Concert" will be staged on TMElive. The exclusive admission ticket has been dropped, choose the location closest to him, and chat with Lu Han, who has not seen him for a long time, about yesterday, today and the future.

    Not much nonsense, the playlist is as follows, the key points are circled for everyone↓↓

    song list

    Drama "Literature and Art in the Anti-Japanese War"

    "The string songs never stop singing mountains and rivers." The large-scale documentary drama "Literature and Art in the Anti-Japanese War" produced and performed by the National Theater of China will be broadcast on all platforms at 20:00 on November 18, with a ticket price of 19.9 yuan. It is the first paid online drama of the National Theater of China.

    "Literature and Art in the Anti-Japanese War" poster

    Directed by Tian Qinxin, director of the National Theater of Drama, this new work gathers outstanding creators from drama, film, music, art, multimedia and other fields, as well as many star actors. During the National Day, there are eight performances in seven days, and the performances are full.

    This time, the national drama will be staged online for paid performances, which is also a rare attempt in the domestic drama industry at the moment of the epidemic. It is reported that the play successfully completed offline performances during the National Day. This online performance broke the time and space constraints. Through the top digital technologies such as "5G+4K/8K+AI" and film and television shooting techniques, it showed the latest combination of technology and art. results.

    The large-scale documentary drama "Literature and Art in the War of Resistance" will be broadcast online tonight


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