What to watch this week|New National Day film box office exceeded 100 million

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    According to Lighthouse Professional Edition data, as of 16:00 on September 30, the total box office (including screenings and pre-sale) of new National Day films in 2022 exceeded 100 million. Among them, "Homecoming", "Iron Will" and "Ordinary Heroes" temporarily ranked the top three at the box office.

    Data source: Beacon Pro

    This eleven, which one do you want to watch?


    "Homecoming" is based on true events. In the movie, there is a riot in the Republic of Numia, and the evacuation of overseas Chinese is urgent. Zong Dawei, a diplomat played by Zhang Yi, and Cheng Lang, a new diplomat played by Wang Junkai, went retrograde and went deep into the war zone to rescue the trapped compatriots led by Bai Hua, played by Yin Tao. . After the "Wolf Warriors" series and "Operation Red Sea", this is also the first big movie to reflect the theme of the evacuation of Chinese diplomats (civilians) in contemporary China.

    "Homecoming" stills

    Zhang Yi, the leading actor, spoke at the premiere, "This is a powerful film, and it is not easy for an actor to take over a role with growth potential. The hardest part of this filming is to learn Arabic from scratch. "

    At the scene, Zhang Yi also actively interacted with the audience, teaching everyone how to pronounce correctly in Arabic and say "I am Chinese".

    "The Journey Home" premiered in Beijing: Zhang Yi's live Arabic teaching "I am Chinese"

    "Ordinary Hero"

    "Ordinary Hero" is adapted from the real incident of "Rescue and Rescue the Boy with Broken Arm in Hotan, Xinjiang". It tells the story of a 7-year-old boy who accidentally broke his arm. With the concerted efforts of people from all walks of life in Xinjiang, including doctors, crew members, passengers, police, and the Air Force, The story of successfully completing emergency treatment across 1,400 kilometers within the golden eight hours.

    "Ordinary Heroes" poster

    Director Chen Guohui said at the premiere in Beijing, "What moved me the most was that the 'ordinary heroes' who participated in the rescue only learned after the fact that each of them had saved time for the boy with the broken arm. One of the prototype characters told us a sentence The words, 'We are ordinary people doing ordinary things', impressed me so much that I decided to name the film "Ordinary Heroes"."

    "Ordinary Heroes" premiered in Beijing, reproducing the "speed of life and death" in treating a boy with a broken arm

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    【TV drama】

    Recently, big dramas such as "Big Exam", "Hutong" and "Bottom Line" are on the air. At the same time, it is also a time for youth dramas and sweet dramas to get together. Although some stories have been routine, there are also some new and exciting films. "Sanyue has a new job", "Chi Dao" and "My Calorie Boy" are all good. On September 30, "My Villain Boyfriend" starring Chen Zheyuan and Shen Yue will also be broadcast.

    "Big Exam"

    The truth is the foundation of the show. Contemporary young people have basically gone through the college entrance examination. If you want to shoot this subject well, you must be realistic enough. According to the currently broadcast part, "The Big Exam" is very real. After watching one episode, you can feel the kind of depression, the relationship with parents, the struggle with scores, and the seriousness of ranking... But this kind of depression is exactly what the third year of high school gives everyone. the feelings of those who have experienced it. At the same time, the drama also jumps out of the class perspective and uses the comparison of the two principals to describe the discussions and feelings about the college entrance examination at the teacher level.

    "Big Exam" poster

    Although it is a main theme drama, "The Big Exam" has rare truths, pressures, quarrels, choices... If you have ever experienced a tense test preparation time, this drama can take you back to the third year of high school in one second.

    Actor Li Gengxi: Facing the "big exam", we are not alone

    "Big Exam" has completed its big exam, providing new ideas for the creation of the main melody

    CCTV Drama Review|"The Big Exam": A Screen Masterpiece with High Casting Power and Beauty


    This week, Tian Zao, played by Zhao Lusi, finished catching the spy, became the director of the neighborhood committee, and entered a new stage with New China. The daughter Sun Xiaomin, played by Cai Wenjing, has already gone online, entering the youth of a new generation of Hutong people, with poetry and fights.

    "Hutong" stills, Cai Wenjing as Xiaomin

    As a TV series that looks at big history from a small perspective, each chapter of "Hutong" is a relatively independent story. Although there is a certain sense of separation, the overall quality of the drama is online. In the first stage, Tian Zao's story of catching a spy is tense and exciting. Looking at the changes brought about by new China to life from the perspective of an ordinary person, it can be regarded as a very watchable one in the main theme drama.

    "Hutong" was launched: three female residents' committee directors linked 70 years of urban changes

    "Kunlun Shrine"

    The "Iron Triangle" continues to explore in the Tibetan area, and the seventh episode of "Kunlun Shrine" is broadcast, and the ability of director Cai Yuexun can be affirmed. There are not only three people on the adventure road, but also a team of Tibetans who lead the way and Hong Kong businessmen. Although there are many people, everyone's story line is very clear. The gratitude of Tibetan girls and the affection of Hong Kong businessmen's girlfriends are all in the ice and snow. Speaking clearly, I don't feel confused. At the same time, the line of exploration did not fall, and the struggle with the wild wolves was tense enough.

    The drama calendar of "Kunlun Shrine"

    It’s just that the update is too slow, there are only three episodes per week, and it takes only half an hour for each episode to be full. I hope the platform can give adventure drama fans a chance to enjoy it.

    "Kunlun Shrine" scored 8.2 on Douban, how do you view the film and television works of ancient tomb exploration

    "Burning Road"

    Sports students + mentoring + sister and brother love, Jin Chen and Wang Anyu, this drama is full of buffs! Recently, it was a small outbreak of sweet pet dramas, and the dog brother's infatuation with Gao Leng's sister really stood out.

    Jin Chen, Wang Anyu

    "Chi Dao" exudes infinite youthful vitality. On the one hand, the male protagonist strives for his dream, and on the other hand, he falls in love with a smart coach and sister. There are both sports themes and the toss and turns of chasing girls in youth. There is no conventional Mary Sue at all. Feeling, only the feeling of wanting to keep chasing. The roles of Jin Chen and Rona are a perfect fit, with a muscular figure, a sense of sister from the inside out, and with the sporty Wang Anyu, the hero and heroine have already won. The acting skills of the two are also not bad, which enhances the quality of the sweet pet drama.

    The author is not a fan of sweet pet dramas, but this drama unknowingly saw the sixth episode. Little sweet pet lovers, open it!

    "My Calorie Boy"

    A youth drama that was delayed by the title of the play. The play tells the story of a group of 17-year-olds who help each other and accompany each other in the process of growing up. It looks like a random and perfunctory Mary Sue story, but in fact, it is worth watching.

    Ben Fang, the director of "My Calorie Boy", is one of the directors of "The Big Test". He wrote a self-report on Douban, describing the process before and after the filming of the show. According to him, he rewrote more than a dozen drafts of the script alone, which shows that he attaches great importance to the show.

    My Calorie Boy Poster

    Making a good youth group portrait drama is never easy. The heroine Dai Luwa is not a big beauty, she wears a ponytail and has fun with her little sisters every day. The hero Zhai Zilu is not too cold, just an ordinary high school boy. Borrowing a short comment from a Douban netizen, the real secret love is like this, "Repeatedly test, sensitive, suspicious and fragile, every look is a silent confession."

    "Sanyue has a new job"

    "Don't you think it's a pity not to do this major?"

    "What a pity? Where can I get a job and earn money?"

    The new drama "Sanyue Has a New Job" at station B is definitely worth watching. The heroine Sanyue's expressionless answer when she is looking for a job is the truest portrayal of the hearts of contemporary young people.

    She gnawed on old age and played with her mobile phone at home. She seemed like a waste. In fact, she tried hard, but she was always suppressed and accused by her mother, which made her lose her confidence to live. In order to anger her mother, Sanyue accidentally entered the funeral home to work. She studied art and sculpture, and just happened to put makeup on the deceased.

    There are many energetic youth dramas, but "Sanyue Has a New Job" truly embodies the "mourning culture" of young people. More importantly, it confronts the life and death issues that people most fear and do not want to talk about.

    "Be a scumbag righteously"

    This unit drama, the story of the first episode is very moving. The parents gave away the poor twin daughters because of their preference for sons and daughters. She gave makeup to the daughter who died of a heart attack after being abandoned, but it didn't take long for the family The youngest son also died of cancer. The younger son felt sorry for his deceased sister and buried his cemetery in the same area as his deceased sister, hoping that his parents would make up for it, but the parents insisted on taking their son's ashes home. In the end, the only remaining sister left the second elder with a blank face, expressing that she would never forgive. In the process of putting makeup on the dead again and again, Sanyue gradually began to understand life and death and the fetters of life.

    In the play, there are old actors such as Liu Jun, Yang Xinming and Zhang Yanyan who support their acting skills. The heroine is photographed without makeup. There is no beauty to the delicacy of hair, only ignorant truth.

    The quality and plot of the whole drama are not inferior to Japanese dramas at all. When Liu Jun said "Chinese funerals, the living are more important than the dead", the author knew that this is a good drama that cannot be missed.

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    Ministry of Culture and Tourism: It is planned to strengthen the real-time monitoring of comments and barrage of online performances

    Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Notice of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Regulating the Operation of Online Dramas (Programs) to Promote the Healthy and Orderly Development of the Industry (Draft for Comments)" for Public Comments. It is mentioned that those engaged in the business activities of online performances (programs) shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Interim Regulations on the Administration of Internet Culture", apply to the local provincial cultural and tourism administrative department to obtain a business scope that includes "online performances (programs)". The online cultural business license for online performances (programs) shall establish and improve the content management system, and strengthen the real-time monitoring of user-generated content such as comments and bullet screens.

    "Annual Comedy Contest 2"

    The second season of "The Annual Comedy Contest" is better than the first season. In the first episode of the show, the joys and sorrows of the workers went out of the circle. Aqi and Acheng's "Vulnerability in the Night", Guo Yunqi repeatedly switched emotions for a second, which made the jury full of praise. This year's 25 groups of actors seem to be very strong, and the content of the jokes is very close to life, so I can't help worrying about the veterans.

    Screenwriter Ah Qiu explains what is a black scene

    The format of this season's show is also innovative, ranging from black out (black drama) to one-man shows, in which the performances of new actors are surprising.

    "Annual Comedy Contest 2": Laugh out loud without scruples

    "Talk Show 5"

    Laughing leader Da Zhangwei posted on Weibo: "The charm of talk shows is that we use the power of comedy to give us the courage to turn pain into a driving force to move forward, so that people watching and talking about talk shows can gain strength Okay!" The big teacher would really sum up.


    In this week's competition, the carnivore performed the recently popular "received literature", and the two people solitary told stories. Kidnapping incidents and horror stories that should have happened in the bathtub have gradually turned into food stories because of the appearance of Pearl Bo Bo Bing, the second half-price cup, braised pork and Su Dongpo, and their style of painting is always so cool!

    "The voice of China"

    On September 28, some netizens posted a video of the recording of the new season of "The Voice of China" on social platforms. The instructor, Coco Li, questioned the director in public, causing heated discussions among netizens.

    The reason for Li Min's anger was that Zhou Feige, a student of her team, had a higher score, but was eliminated tragically. Judging from the video posted by netizens, Coco Li was quite emotional at the time, and even directly angered the director to protest: "Please give me a rule of the game, why does the score of 73 have a second chance, while the score of 88.3 does not have a second chance? Chance, can the director explain it?"

    Screenshot of Coco Li's Weibo

    On the evening of September 28, Coco Li responded in a Weibo post saying that he was moved by the efforts and focus of the students on the stage of the Good Voice, and loved the students eagerly. As for the misunderstandings in the program, the director team explained and communicated patiently. , all misunderstandings are resolved.

    "Cut through the thorns"

    This week, "Overcoming Toughness" ushered in the "Three Public" competition, and the losing team will face the crisis of "group destruction".

    In the bonus cooperation show, Wu Jianhao, Wilber Pan, and Mike joined hands to bring "Ugly People Do Mischief". The stage interpretation of the opera in the song is playful and witty. Ren Xianqi, Chen Xiaochun and Su Youpeng staged the captain's show, and "Back to the Future" brought retro disco.

    In the show of all members of the tribe, Zhang Zhilin's group used "Unparalleled Beauty" to interpret the hot life. The most exciting scene is that Anita Yuan appeared in a wedding dress, and Zhang Zhilin sang affectionately to her and put a ring on her. The large-scale wedding scene also helped the Chilam group to win the first place. The audience is a part of it!

    Zhang Zhilin, Yuan Yongyi

    "Round Table Party"

    "The Round Table Party" comes to the sixth season, and its good-looking nature is inseparable from Dou Wentao's ability as a host.

    "The Round Table Party" poster

    Producer Ling Hulie has accompanied Dou Wentao and the team all the way to the present from "The Threesome of Qiang Qiang" to "The Round Table Party". In an interview with The Paper, Linghu Lie bluntly stated that Dou Wentao is the most important "leader" of this show, and the "author" himself, "Everyone in the team can fully feel Dou Wentao's control over the quality of this kind of show. ."

    "Round Table School": We will care about the concerns of netizens, but will not cater to

    "our song"

    On October 2, the fourth season of "Our Song" was broadcast, with "Stories of Time" as the core theme, and selected the golden songs of the era that recorded moving years.

    "Our Song" stills

    Chen Huixian, Yang Kun, Zhou Chuanxiong, Zhang Qi, Xiao Jingteng, An Youqi, Lu Rover, Meng Huiyuan, and Ma Jiaqi will appear as group A. In the innovative interpretation of different generations of singers, the audience will reminisce the timeless songs while feeling Harmony between different eras.

    "Our Song 4" starts broadcasting: Zhang Qi debuts as a new singer


    "Ten Years of Dreaming"

    The 8-episode documentary "Ten Years of Dreaming" will be broadcast from October 1st to 8th at 20:30. The film chronicles nearly a decade of people who fought for a better life, tells their stories, and showcases the historic changes and achievements our country has made.

    "Ten Years of Chasing Dreams" depicts the Chinese people's spiritual character and Chinese atmosphere on the way to pursue and realize their dreams.

    "Ten Years of Dreaming Road" poster

    Documentary "Ten Years of Dreaming": The Convergence of the Achievements of Ten Years of China's Excellent Documentaries

    "Red School"

    The upcoming "Red School - Shanghai University in the 1920s", which will be broadcast on October 4, will use historical details to restore the establishment of this university by the early Chinese Communists based on the present and look back a hundred years in the form of historical search. In the search, we also comprehend the rich spiritual heritage brought to us by this red academy.

    In addition, the Shanghai Documentary Humanities Channel will focus on broadcasting a series of excellent documentaries during the National Day, including "Colorful New China" on the National Day, as well as "Great Shanghai", "Materia Medica China", "Lighted Planet", "Qi Hong·Chinese Fragrance", etc. .

    "Taste of Mountains and Rivers in the World"

    The food documentary "Taste of Mountains and Rivers in the World" produced by Tencent Video will be launched on Tencent Video on September 30. Starting from the two popular autumn and winter delicacies of seafood and mutton, it will search for the origin of the most delicious ingredients, and record the ingredients from cultivation. to the production process.

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