"Homecoming" premieres in Beijing: Zhang Yi's live Arabic teaching "I am Chinese"

    On September 26, the National Day hit movie "Home Coming" held its premiere in Beijing. Director Rao Xiaozhi, producer Guo Fan, starring Zhang Yi, Wang Junkai, Yin Tao, Cheng Taishen, etc. all appeared. Director Rao Xiaozhi said with a smile in his opening remarks, "I'm very excited and nervous. The most important thing is to release it as scheduled and go home on time." As the first movie to meet the audience on National Day this year, "Homecoming" will be ahead of schedule on September 29 It will be released nationwide on September 30.

    "Homecoming" is based on true events. In the movie, there is a riot in the Republic of Numia, and the evacuation of overseas Chinese is urgent. Zong Dawei, a diplomat played by Zhang Yi, and Cheng Lang, a new diplomat played by Wang Junkai, went retrograde and went deep into the war zone to rescue the trapped compatriots led by Bai Hua, played by Yin Tao. . After the "Wolf Warriors" series and "Operation Red Sea", this is also the first big movie to reflect the theme of the evacuation of Chinese diplomats (civilians) in contemporary China.

    "Homecoming" poster

    Zhang translation: This is a very powerful film

    At the premiere, Guo Fan said, "This is the first time a Chinese filmmaker has shown a film of diplomats evacuating overseas Chinese. It is difficult for ordinary people to understand the state of mind of these people at that time. We did a lot of interviews in the early stage. Through these details, the whole story is built step by step. The real situation is much more than what we show in the movie (the number of evacuees), about 30,000 people.”

    Rao Xiaozhi said that in order to truly restore the evacuation of overseas Chinese, the crew not only consulted a lot of information on the story, studied relevant reportage, visited real characters, and carefully polished every detail. The scene was surveyed all over the country, and the crew built foreign buildings according to the 1:1 real scene. "From every building to the Arabic logo on the candy paper, the crew strictly controlled the details."

    Guo Fan is also full of praise for the setting of "The Homecoming", he revealed that "The Homecoming" and "The Wandering Earth 2" were filmed at the same time, and the setting of "The Homecoming" was so well done that he wanted "The Wandering Earth" 2 "Come here to shoot. The two crews also exchanged a lot of props for each other.

    Zhang Yi said with a smile, "I was very happy when I first came into contact with this book, and this time I finally don't have to play (action scenes). But it is a bigger challenge for me, because (playing) civil servants are very important to literary plays. The requirements will be deeper and more delicate. This is a very powerful film, and it is not easy for an actor to take over a role with growth potential. For me, the most difficult part of this filming is, It is to learn Arabic from scratch." Zhang Yi also actively interacted with the audience at the scene, teaching everyone how to pronounce correctly in Arabic and say "I am Chinese".

    Zhang Yi as Zong Dawei

    Yin Tao plays Bai Hua, an executive of a company stationed abroad, a mother and a family member of a diplomat. She introduced in her speech, "In such a tense environment, there is actually no difference between men and women. I think that the character Bai Hua does not think of herself as a woman very much in the whole play. This play gives me the greatest Feelings are at the juncture of life and death, and there is a high degree of trust between people. This is a great test. Entrusting one's life to others is definitely not an everyday casual talk."

    Yin Tao

    In the film, Bai Hua's diplomat husband died on the street. "When filming the scene of how I and Bai Hua told her husband's death, the director's original script was to look at the limbs of the two people from a distance, they were both silent, and then Bai Hua slowly squatted down, She can't hear any sound, and the feeling of sadness is better than sound at this moment, and it is very appreciative of literature." Zhang Yi added on the spot.

    Yin Tao as Bai Hua

    Wang Junkai: When I watch the replay, I will be frightened by the sound

    In the film, the tension in the Republic of Numia escalates. Due to the lack of staff in the embassy, it was originally only to assist in the evacuation of overseas Chinese. The diplomats who returned to the country that day were ordered to give up the opportunity to return home to support the evacuation operation. Zhang Yi was quite touched at the scene, "I really respect them. In the face of danger, I give up my little emotions and put the safety of more people first."

    Young actor Wang Junkai plays Cheng Lang, a rookie diplomat who is brave and bloody but inexperienced. As director Rao Xiaozhi said, "Cheng Lang is a newcomer. This is the first time he has experienced the cruelty of war. On the way to evacuate overseas Chinese, his growth is not only in experience, but also in psychology." In Zhang Yi's view, "Zong Dawei and Cheng Lang have grown up with each other. The two have disputes and reconciliation. In Cheng Lang, Zong Dawei saw the brave self that he used to be."

    Wang Junkai

    The shooting conditions of "Returning Thousands of Miles" were very difficult. Wang Junkai said with a smile that Chenglang was a "dirty boy". "Because the entire film crew was eating soil, the sand was equivalent to makeup." When referring to the shooting of explosive scenes, Wang Junkai said that it was a blast. Very close to himself, "I don't know when to fry or what effect it will have when frying, so I'm nervous." Rao Xiaozhi added: "We make some noise when we shoot at the market, Xiaokai is very interesting, He is not afraid when he shoots himself, but when he is watching the playback, he will be frightened by the sound."

    Wang Junkai as Cheng Lang

    "Homecoming" begins in the style of news documentary images, and there are many hot scenes of gunfights and car chases. Many details in the film also made the audience immersive, "Zong Dawei told Cheng Lang that in Arab countries, we should respect the local ethnic customs, such as not touching (local) children's heads, let alone touching them with the left hand. Also, when you are on the battlefield, you must do your best to protect your face. If your face is smashed, no one will be able to claim you (when collecting the corpse)." An audience member told The Paper after the show.


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