Ten-year observation on the development of cultural network variety shows: only cultural value is everlasting

    "Looking at the humanities, in order to transform into the world." In the long history of the Chinese nation, culture has always been a spiritual treasure for the survival and development of our nation. It is an important literary concept that the Chinese nation has been unswerving for thousands of years. Since entering the new era, cultural online variety shows have emerged, and they have become a beautiful landscape in the current online literature and art garden. More and more online variety show creators adhere to the creative concept of using literature and art to give people value guidance, spiritual guidance and aesthetic inspiration, and have produced a number of works with rich cultural heritage and humanistic spirit, blowing a ray in the field of online audio-visual Fresh and meaningful style of literature and art.

    Synchronized with the new era, cultural network variety shows started in the second decade of the new century. Different from other online variety shows dominated by entertainment functions in the same period, this type of program endows the works with heavy cultural value, brings deep thinking to the audience, and fills the blank of humanistic online variety shows. In the network audio-visual industry environment of "traffic first" at that time, cultural network variety shows led the new fashion of network audio-visual that takes into account thought and entertainment, and coordinates humanistic value and commercial interests. "Luo Ji Thinking" and "Xiao Shuo" are the pathfinders of such programs. These two programs take the knowledge sharing talk show as the main form, and use the speaker's personal influence and expressiveness as the market and word-of-mouth guarantee. Simple and low-cost, but because of its knowledgeable and interesting content, it has been favored by a large number of netizens at the beginning of its launch. Since then, under the dual drive of policy guidance and market demand, since 2015, cultural online variety shows have developed rapidly, gradually forming a gratifying situation in which multiple platforms are competing for strength and various forms of competition, and gradually become a field of online literature and art. important type. With the rise of "traditional culture craze" and "national tide craze" among young netizens, in the past two years, "Coming! Traditional cultural online variety shows and evening shows such as Dunhuang, Dance Thousand Years, and Full Moon Night are on display on various audio-visual platforms, and are frequently searched and widely praised on social platforms, providing the creative transformation and innovative expression of national cultural achievements. It has become a vivid example, and it has also become the source of living water to enhance the national cultural identity of the youth group.

    Introducing the old and bringing forth new creations

    Over the past ten years, cultural network variety shows have continuously broken through the boundaries of content creation, and have mainly formed the following two forms in terms of themes:

    Poetry next door poster

    One is a popular general cultural program with the purpose of spreading the excellent traditional Chinese culture, such as "The Poetry of the Neighbor", "Dance for a Thousand Years", "I Am from the Tang Dynasty" and the "Coming!" series. History, literature, poetry, songs, and classical music and dance are the main topics for this type of online variety show. Such programs often combine documentary, reality shows, song and dance performances, etc., with exquisite audio-visual language and younger expressions, so that historical relics and literary classics can be vividly displayed on the screen, providing the audience with a beautiful immersive humanistic experience. The experience has cultivated a strong interest in traditional culture among ordinary audiences, especially young netizens.

    The other is a "pan-cultural" program that discusses the philosophy of life, social phenomena, and history and culture, such as "One Thousand and One Nights" and "My Bronze Age". In addition to the direction of topic selection, the biggest difference between this type of programs and traditional cultural programs is the narrow mass communication thinking aimed at highly educated people. Inspiring life thinking and creating intellectual pleasure are the main content positioning of such programs. In the show, the host's point of view is often the main highlight, strengthening the "talk" and simplifying the "show" component. With its unique thinking height and depth of thinking, it has achieved extremely high audience stickiness and has become a typical "longevity". It has been updated for many seasons and the popularity has not diminished.

    In addition, there are "A Good Book", "Part", "Drama New Life" and other online variety shows that lead the reading trend of the whole people, or popularize the elegant culture of a niche field. more cultural potential, enriching the spiritual and cultural experience of netizens.

    Bravely pioneering artistic exploration

    Over the past ten years, cultural network variety shows have played the role of Bacon in casting souls and entertaining, conveying relatively abstract and obscure cultural arts to the audience in a vivid and approachable form, bridging the gap between popular culture and elegant culture, popular culture and The gap between classic culture, popular culture and elite culture has realized the common appreciation of both refined and popular in the sense of national aesthetic education. At the same time, let the cultural industry completely get rid of the single face of "entertainment to death", and give it the background of cultural value.

    It restores the ancient cultural context with the concept of Chinese classical aesthetics and builds an immersive cultural experience space, so as to complete the contemporary expression and mass communication of traditional culture. It is the most dazzling artistic exploration of traditional cultural programs. For example, "Neighborhood Poems" inherits the elegant gathering tradition and leisure culture of ancient Chinese literati, and innovatively arranges the stage into a Chinese-style courtyard and a waterside corridor, so as to create a scene of gathering friends over tea, blowing sheng, singing water and flowing water, and gathering talents. The classical mood of Yaju. In addition to poetry, rich and diverse Chinese cultural symbols such as music, dance, calligraphy, and painting are ingeniously integrated into it, and the "Jianjia", "Send the Yuan Second Envoy to Anxi", and "Ding Fengbo" have been passed down through the ages with a unique interpretation and interpretation. Classical poetry is drawn to the modern audience, making classical and modern close neighbors. Again, "Appearance! Dunhuang" cleverly integrates reality shows, on-site documentaries, expert explanations, and scene reproduction. It uses animation special effects to restore the gorgeous colors of Dunhuang murals a thousand years ago, and reproduces the scenes of life with thousands of figures in the paintings, offering the audience a rich and colorful culture. feast. For example, when introducing the wedding customs of Dunhuang in the Tang Dynasty, in addition to the relevant digital images and professional explanations of the murals, it also completely restored a grand Dunhuang wedding in the Tang Dynasty in the form of plot interpretation according to the records in the "Dunhuang Bianwen Collection". The strong sense of ritual and cultural atmosphere has opened a window for ordinary audiences to understand Dunhuang, and also conveyed the creator's deep respect and tenderness for history.

    "Appearance! Dunhuang poster

    Using interesting and knowledgeable language to express and discuss hot social topics, take care of the real confusions commonly faced by young people, and then stimulate rational thinking and convey humanistic care, is the key to the popularization of humanistic discussion programs. In terms of expression, this type of program focuses on equal knowledge sharing and viewpoint discussion between the host, the guests, and the audience, so as to establish a "pure intersubjectivity" between the three, and then form a benign interaction with a strong humanistic atmosphere.

    Unswerving cultural watch

    For individual audiences, the value of cultural online variety shows lies in cultivating spiritual temperament, cultivating artistic sentiments, and enhancing cultural taste; for our nation, the value of such shows lies in the inheritance and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture. In the era of the exchange and collision of various ideological trends, cultural network variety shows use the Internet as a communication medium to build social consensus, store collective memory, enhance cultural self-confidence, and continue to provide a steady stream of Chinese cultural spirit and contemporary Chinese values. exhausted.

    On the one hand, cultural online variety shows "store" excellent traditional culture and inherit the spirit of Chinese culture in cyberspace. The long-standing and profound Chinese civilization provides rich creative resources for cultural online variety shows, and this type of show also helps Chinese culture to rejuvenate the vitality of the times. For example, "Neighborhood Poetry" restores the subtle, condensed, graceful and elegant artistic conception of Chinese classical poetry and music and dance culture with an easy-to-understand and suitable artistic expression; The cultural connotation of performing arts and moral ethics; "Beautiful Flowers and Full Moon Night" draws on the expression methods of online dramas, and reproduces the beauty of traditional folk culture from folk rituals, characters' costumes, etc. Such programs allow tradition and the times to meet, and classics and fashion to meet, providing valuable ideas for the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture.

    "The Great Craftsman" poster

    On the other hand, cultural network variety shows condense social and cultural consensus, establish value identity, and also play a role in promoting the establishment of an "imagined community" in terms of ethics, aesthetic taste, and personality construction. For example, "The Great Craftsman" praises the spirit of craftsmen who are willing to be lonely and unswerving; "Judgment" shows the ideal feelings of private entrepreneurs who are self-improving and helping the world. It is these humanistic thoughts that contain the core of traditional culture, so that cultural network variety shows silently convey the shining national spirit and spirit in the "talking and laughing room".

    The return of cultural value in the field of online literature and art is what everyone expects, what the people want, and what the times need. Cheap laughter and bottomless entertainment will eventually disappear into the waves of history with the washing of the times. Only the literature and art that contains noble cultural character and conveys lofty values will last forever and be passed on from generation to generation. "Writing is a virtue, and it is great." Internet literature and art with both literary quality and beauty is an important literary and artistic form that continues the blood of Chinese civilization and inherits excellent traditional culture. We believe that in the future, there will be more and more works that are full of Chinese cultural values and infiltrated with Chinese aesthetics.

    (This article was originally published in the 8th edition of the "Literature and Art Newspaper" on September 26, 2022. The original title of this article was: The long river runs, but the cultural value lasts for a long time - a ten-year observation of the development of cultural network variety shows)


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