What to watch this week | "Little Forest" and "Please King" premiere, "Punishment" hits 10,000

    Editor's note: There are a large number of movies, TV series and variety shows broadcast every week. How to choose, you might as well take a look at the surging recommendations.


    According to Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 19:34 on September 15, the comedy film "Hello, Brother" starring Ma Li, Chang Yuan and Wei Xiang has exceeded 200 million at the box office.

    New films released this week include "I Want to Be With You", "You in My World", "Hot Soup" and "Yang Rong's World". However, these new films had little impact on the box office charts. In terms of single-day box office on September 16, " Brother, Hello ", " New God List: Yang Jian " and "I Still Think You Are the Best" ranked the top three.

    "I still think you are the best"

    "I Still Think You Are the Best" is director Chen Yongshen's second feature film after "Uncle Countercurrent". It continues the depiction of middle-aged status and group portraits in "Uncle Countercurrent", and returns to the director's best emotion in terms of subject matter relation.

    "I Still Think You're the Best" poster

    Before the film was released, director Chen Yongshen accepted an exclusive interview with The Paper. This time, Chen Yongshen will direct again, hoping to revive the type of sitcom that has been absent from the screen for a long time, and also tailor a work to show his different faces for his idol Huang Zihua, who has been "set" for a long time.

    "I still think you are the best" director Chen Yongshen: a sad comedy, act seriously

    "Mother! 》

    An 85-year-old mother wants to take care of her 65-year-old daughter who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Two powerful actresses, Wu Yanshu and Xi Meijuan, propped up a movie that fights forgetting with love and conveys courage and hope with the dignity and decency of life.

    "Mother! "poster

    Interview | "Mom! "Director Yang Lina: Sharpness and Compassion at Different Stages of Life

    Interview | Actor Xi Meijuan: Because "Mom! ", the switch to restart the creation

    Interview|Actor Wu Yanshu, an "old" actor: I never consider age

    "Mom! ": Daughter trapped in memory

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    【TV drama】

    There are many new dramas launched this week, including "Please You" starring Ren Jialun and Li Qin, and "A Little Forest for Two" starring Yu Shuxin and Zhang Binbin.

    In addition, Pan Yueming, Zhang Yuqi, and Jiang Chao's "Iron Triangle" combination of "Kunlun Shrine" also announced that it will be broadcast on Tencent on September 21.


    On September 14, the popularity of "Punishment" exceeded 10,000 on iQIYI. This is the third episode of iQIYI this year that has exceeded 10,000 in popularity after "The World" and "The Secret of the Orchid".

    Punishment poster

    The narrative technique of "Punishment" is very conventional, and the video language is quite satisfactory. Although this "ordinary" is not an advantage for suspense dramas, it is not necessarily a disadvantage. The stylized suspense drama is indeed more refined aesthetically and has higher aesthetic value, but it also means a higher threshold of acceptance, which is sometimes thankless. "Punishment" is another strategy: honestly tell the story in a popular, clear, and fascinating way. Although the artistic value is not high, the sinking market is fully opened.

    "Punishment": The story is bizarre, "likes and dislikes" are determined by people

    Screenwriter Liu Hongyan: Three "no" as the key link, eight changes to the draft, Fang Cheng's "Punishment"


    On September 15, the romantic fantasy drama "Please King" starring Ren Jialun and Li Qin was launched on iQIYI, with 6 episodes premiering. The ironic love story between (Li Qin ornaments). Lu Yan, who has mysterious power, met Yu Dengdeng, the head of Qingquan Village, by accident.

    "Please" stills

    Although watching fantasy dramas requires some sense of belief, and there have always been relatively fixed fans, but this "Please King" is mainly light and funny. The male protagonist brings thousands of years of memory and is looking for the female protagonist who has amnesia in this world. It won't be boring, and the comments from netizens are like "You Who Came From the Stars" + "Ghosts". The heroine seems to be a carefree female village owner, but she is actually careful, sensitive and intelligent.

    Ren Jialun, who is accustomed to playing similar roles, naturally grasps this role. The most important thing is that the ironic plot of the female village owner marrying a man in the play is really cool! "Men, you have to treat your daughter-in-law with three obedience and four virtues." "Concubine Lu wants to get up early to serve tea and greet her"... With the blessing of Xiaoshenyang, the funny atmosphere can be added.

    Xiaoshenyang as the second master

    The detailed plot is advanced, and it is relatively fast and not wise, except for the special effects and cheap convincing when the Eldar casts spells, it is still a little embarrassing, and audiences who do not exclude fantasy themes can follow it.

    "The Little Forest for Two"

    "A Little Forest for Two" starring Yu Shuxin and Zhang Binbin will also be broadcast on Youku on September 15. Fans of Yu Shuxin are undoubtedly the happiest people this summer. Little Orchid just ended and Yu Meiren continued.

    "A Little Forest for Two" tells the story of Yu Meiren (Yu Shuxin), a fashion blogger who maintains her exquisite appearance purely by makeup techniques, and wants to use her beauty to retaliate to pursue Zhuang Yu (Zhang Binbin), a genius professor of botany who once rejected her. , chasing from the campus to the pastoral, but fell in the process of exerting all kinds of love hunting, staged a sweet and hilarious love story.

    "The Little Forest for Two" poster

    Yu Shuxin is very suitable for acting in a little sweet drama, with a sweet and aura that doesn't make people feel awkward. The indifferent character of the male protagonist collided with the warm and lovely female protagonist. Every step was as expected. The plot was a relatively standard Mary Sue. For example, the little white rabbit was drunk and went to the wrong room.

    But if there is something sweet in life, you might as well use this drama to give your brain a holiday.

    "Song of Lushan"

    "Song of Lushan" was launched on CCTV. It is a main theme work focusing on the reform of state-owned enterprises and the development of heavy industry. The drama scored 7.8 points on Douban, which is a rare score for this theme.

    "Song of Lushan" stills

    Like the previous "Dashan's Daughter", this drama does not seem to have eye-catching plots and characters. It is more like a righteous theme that parents will watch. It was a disadvantage when it first aired, but in fact, "Lushanzhi" "Song" has a solid script. Director Mao Weining emphasized going into life and using the camera to record the work of practitioners in the heavy industry manufacturing industry. He said in an interview, "I want to shoot today's factories and workers for the audience to see. I hope to use such a film. The work reawakens the audience's attention to industry, factories, and workers."

    Aside from the prejudice against "proposition composition", this drama is worth watching for audiences who like historical works with a sense of the times.

    Interview|Director Mao Weining: The quality of art is like "water in the hand"

    Interview | Screenwriter Wang Chenggang: "Song of Lushan", returning to the "big factory"

    "Are you safe? 》

    If you want to introduce this drama seriously, the style of painting is probably like this-

    The first domestic drama series with the theme of network security, with a popular science nature, uses a stimulating scene of catching a rape in a room at the beginning to tell the audience how unsafe mobile phones are, and more items that can reveal privacy. The plot is entertaining and entertaining. Qin Huai played by Tan Jianci, Zhou You played by Rong Zishan, and Chen Mo, Hao Lei's three Musketeers, will teach the audience how to protect themselves and their families in daily life through their genius-like ability to roam the online world.

    "Are you safe? "poster

    Of course, there can also be a less serious introduction-

    Have you ever tried the "brotherhood" of cats and dogs in "The Hunting Guide"? After eating, congratulations, there is another pair of equally energetic people, it doesn't matter if you don't, why don't you, let's take a look at the alternative "brotherhood" between Qin Huai and Zhou You?

    Don't get too caught up in logic and sophistication, "Are you safe? "It's still a very satisfying, relaxing and exciting drama.

    "Are you safe? 》: Learn some network security knowledge, and feel the brotherhood by the way

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    "Talk Show"

    This season's "Talk Show Conference" scored 5.0 points on Douban. Zhou Xun and Na Ying, the two laughing leaders of the breakout match, became the biggest slot of the show. The audience complained that they couldn't understand the stalks of ordinary people's lives, and Zhou Xun almost gave away the high-quality player Xiaolu because he laughed so much that he forgot to shoot the lights (fortunately, there is a resurrection mechanism). Some netizens even begged for the return of "big picture" and "plus-size women's clothing".

    Fortunately, this week, Zhang Jie and Yang Chaoyue became the laughing leaders of the second stage.

    Zhang Jie, Yang Chaoyue

    Some viewers said: "I didn't expect Zhang Jie to come to the talk show conference for the first time! The music talk show is very good, and the laughing leader is also very good at shooting lights! Brother Jie is very understanding and sincere, and he has shot lights several times. It was shot on my point, rounding up is that Brother Jie understands me well!"

    Yang Chaoyue had nothing to say, he was down-to-earth and humorous, and he didn't hide his smile.

    The players generally started to get nervous. Bu Jingyun was not as explosive as the first shot. Mancai and Carnivore always felt that the rhythm was out of tune. They belonged to trembling hair. laugh. The only stable player is Tong Monan. Compared with last year, he is more confident this year. I do think that last year's yin and yang eccentric fan is quite divine!

    "The Promise of the Stars"

    From September 16th, "The Promise of the Stars" will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV every Friday at 19:30. Zhong Xintong, Huang Xiaolei, Wang Xinling, Cai Zhuoyan and Wu Jinyan in "Riding the Wind and Waves", the five sisters traveled to Yunnan together.

    "The Promise of the Stars" poster

    Wang Xinling's popularity has also led to another person, that is Zhang Dongliang, and the topic of "Smile Pasta" has rushed to the hot search. Earlier, Wang Xinling appeared on "Hello, Saturday", and Zhang Dongliang also interacted through the screen. This time, in the Reuters photo of "The Promise of the Stars", the two are finally officially in the same frame! Then look forward to He Qun and Cheng Xiaoshi.

    "Cut through the thorns"

    This week, the "Second Master" of "Overcoming Toughness and Toughness" aired, and Zhang Zhilin really deserved to be a great fairy. As a "beautiful man", he directly won the first place in personal favorite.

    This week's personal favorite ranking

    This season, many people have been successfully circled by "Overcoming the Thorns". Especially the "Surface Kung Fu Team" composed of Zheng Jun, Xin and others. The mantra of the four of them is: "Love whoever". Let the other brothers roll, completely unaffected, love whoever. But also the most serious, the most dedicated, the most economical!

    The author believes that artists who have become popular through shows are roughly divided into two categories: either they are recognized for their outstanding stage strength, or they are paid attention to because of their outstanding sense of variety. Of course, if you have both, there is a high probability that you will get the final debut position.

    So far, which brother have you become a fan of?

    "Work is worse than calling"

    Although Zhao Xiaohui withdrew from the "Talk Show Conference", her and "leader" Cheng Lu's new program "It's Better to Call Work" was launched on September 16.

    The purpose of this show is to listen to the anonymous complaints of workers! It is said that there are people who complain about bosses, people who complain about Party A, and people who complain about life... In short, all the wonderful stories will be found here.

    "It's better to make a phone call" stills

    The guest of the first episode of the show Su Xing also broke the stalk of "please give 35+ male professionals a chance to re-employ". To this end, Su Xing also "vaccinated" his complaints on Weibo.


    "Supper Jianghu 2"

    From September 13th, every Tuesday at 18:00, "Supper Jianghu 2" will be broadcast on Tencent Video.

    Trailer of "Supper Jianghu 2"

    The eight cities filmed in "Supper Jianghu 2" have their own characteristics: both Harbin, which is icy and snowy, and Xishuangbanna, which grows wantonly; Lanzhou, where the Yellow River runs through the city, and Ningbo, which is on the coast of the East China Sea; Tianjin, which sticks to a small life, There are also Changsha, which dares to try; there is Leshan, which is indifferent and tenacious, and Haikou, where the tides come and go. The night guards the individual characteristics that belong to each city, and it is the ordinary people in the city who create these unique late-night snack cultures, and the life of struggle is the happiest.

    "Warring States" Season 2

    From September 15th, the second season of the historical documentary "Fengyun and Warring States" "The Hero of the Wind and Cloud Warring States" will be broadcast on Tencent Video every Thursday at 18:00.

    Song Yang, Su Ke, Qi Xi, Nie Yuan, Zhang Bo, Wu Yue, and Huang Weide are all powerful performers, telling about the changes of an era, and reproducing the most passionate heroes in the Warring States Period.

    "The Hero of the Warring States Period" poster

    "Xiaogang Chronicle 2"

    As the fifth Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival is approaching, the six-episode 4K documentary "Xiaogang Chronicle 2" landed on CCTV Documentary Channel on September 16.

    The first season of "Xiaogang Chronicle" was broadcast in 2018, taking Xiaogang as a research model to record and explore the future development path of China's agriculture, rural areas and farmers. In 2019, the film was also included in the list of recommended documentaries and cartoons to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

    "Xiaogang Chronicle 2" poster

    There are six episodes in the second season of the film, which tell the stories of many Xiaogang characters from the six aspects of "spitting out the old and accepting the new", "breaking the cocoon into a butterfly", "walking south and north", "chasing the light every day", "walking on the song" and "building a dream home". There are divergences and cross-connections between them. Starting from Xiaogang Village, the region radiates to the whole country. The time span is as long as three years. The content covers the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, poverty alleviation, national anti-epidemic, 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, rural revitalization and other major nodes. It deeply depicts the group portraits of the cadres and the masses who are pursuing their dreams in high spirits under the leadership of the party, and a panoramic view of the life picture scrolls of people who are constantly striving for the realization of rural revitalization.


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