Moving forward with art | Lu Siqing, Qin Liwei, Sun Yingdi, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra brought them here

    The Singapore Chinese Orchestra is the only professional national-level Chinese orchestra in Singapore, with more than 80 musicians, with the mission of inheriting and innovating traditional culture.
    Over the years, the ensemble has performed at the Shanghai Concert Hall many times. At the special moment of Shanghai's fight against the epidemic, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra selected 4 concerts it has performed at the Esplanade in Singapore, and crossed the ocean to cheer for Shanghai.
    From May 21st to 24th, the Shanghai Concert Hall will broadcast a series of concerts by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra online through the official video account and The Paper, waiting for the flowers to bloom with the citizens of Shanghai.
    "The other party has always been concerned about the epidemic in Shanghai, and also paid attention to our online live broadcast section. They are very happy to share with us and let us broadcast selected concerts exclusively." The staff of Shanghai Concert Hall introduced.
    In the 4 concerts, you can see pianist Sun Yingdi, erhu player Duan Aai, singer Fang Qiong, violinist Lv Siqing, cellist Qin Liwei and other Chinese musicians.
    At that time, you can hear Sun Yingdi playing the piano concerto "Yellow River", Duan Ai'ai playing the erhu concerto "The Promise", Fang Qiong singing "The Queen of the Generation" Zhou Xuan's golden song, and Lv Siqing performing Zhao Jiping's "Orchid Exercise" , Qin Liwei performed Zhao Jiping's "Dream of Zhuang Zhou".
    Ye Cong

    Ye Cong

    Shanghai is also the hometown of Ye Cong, music director of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. "Shanghai is my hometown, Shanghai Conservatory of Music is my alma mater, and Shanghai Concert Hall is my frequented place. Huaihai Road, Nanjing Road, the Bund... I hope you recover soon. To the prosperity of the past." Ye Cong is looking forward to set foot in the beautiful hometown of Shanghai again.
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    May 21 19:30
    Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Series 1
    Sun Yingdi and Chen Qiaoxi Double Qin Music Feast
    Music Director/Conductor: Ye Cong
    Piano: Sun Yingdi
    Pipe Organ: Chen Qiaoxi
    1. Ride Around the Island Adapted by Eric Watson
    2. Piano and Orchestra: Fighting Typhoon Liu Shikun composed the music based on Wang Changyuan's guzheng piece "Fighting Typhoon", orchestrated by Lu Lianghui
    3. Organ and Orchestra: Symphony No. 2 Guan Zhizhong
    4. Dong Township (World Premiere) Zhu Lin
    5. The Yellow River Piano Concerto is from Xian Xinghai's "Yellow River Cantata", collectively arranged and created by the Central Orchestra, and orchestrated by Liu Wenjinhua
    May 22 at 19:30
    Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Series 2
    Promise Charm
    Conductor: Guo Yongde
    Erhu: Duan Aiai
    Dizi: Lin Xinyou
    1. Calling from the distant mountains Liu Weizhi
    2. Night Bamboo (World Premiere) Jiang Ciliang
    3. Kampong and the City (Singapore Premiere) Zhao Junyi
    4. Sing Tao Light Trail (World Premiere) Kong Zhixuan
    5. Promise (Singapore Premiere) Wang Yunfei
    May 23 at 19:30
    Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Series 3
    Zhou Xuan concert after a generation of songs
    Conductor: Ye Cong
    Composer/Arrangement: Law Wai Lun
    Solo: Fang Qiong, Gao Chang
    Chorus: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Choir
    Symphonic group song "The End of the World Singer"
    1. "Prelude"
    2. "The End of the World Singer"
    3. "Four Seasons Song"
    4. "When will you come again"
    5. "Peach Blossom River"
    6. "Wind in May"
    7. "Tell Your Heart"
    8. "Phoenix Flying"
    9. "Song of the Singer"
    10. "Light of the Nation"
    Music video "Sauvignon Blanc"
    1. "The Years of Flowers"
    2. "Yellow Leaf Dance in the Autumn Wind"
    3. "Children's Song"
    4. "The Heart of the Stars"
    5. "Song of Triumph"
    6. "Yan Yan Yu Fei"
    7. "The End of the World Singer"
    May 24th 19:30
    Singapore Chinese Orchestra Concert Series 4
    Qin Qinle Lu
    Music Director / Conductor: Ye Cong
    Violin: Lu Siqing
    Cello: Qin Liwei
    Soprano: Zhang Ningjia
    Guqin: Zhong Zhiyue
    Recitation: Kang Yingyu, Kong Xiangchi
    Choir: Vocal Associates Festival Chorus
    Chorus Conductor: Xu Aimin
    1. National style Zhao Jiping
    2. You Lan Cao Zhao Jiping
    3. Zhuang Zhoumeng and Zhao Jiping
    4. The sun shines on Tashkorgan, composed by Chen Gang and arranged by Pan Yaotian
    5. Fantasia on the theme of Carmen, Opus 25, composed by Pablo Sarasati and transplanted by Law Wai Lun


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