The micro-short drama "Teacher, Don't Run" has been offline due to its vulgar plot and soft pornographic lines and scenes.

    Recently, the China Network Audio-Visual Association discovered during its work that the online mini-series "Teacher, Don't Run" (in addition to "Teacher, Don't Run"), there are also "Love Without Leaking Sensuality" and "Love without Leaking Sensuality, Teacher Don't Run". "Teacher, Don't Run Around" and many other titles) contains vulgar plots, lines, scenes, and plots that involve serious soft pornography and other violations. Regarding the broadcast of the illegal micro-short drama, the China Network Audiovisual Association immediately reminded the relevant broadcast platforms to deal with it.

    At present, the play has been offline across the Internet. Douyin, Kuaishou, WeChat, Bilibili and other platforms have checked and deleted clips and other materials of the play; the WeChat mini-programs "Oou Theater" and "Qiqi Theater" that broadcast the play ""Pingping Theater" and other mini programs have also been removed from the shelves.

    In order to maintain the healthy development of the online audiovisual market, the China Online Audiovisual Association will further strengthen communication and collaboration with online audiovisual platforms, promote the platform to strengthen self-discipline, improve the content review mechanism, and ensure that the broadcast content complies with national laws and regulations and social order and good customs. At the same time, we will also intensify the supervision of illegal content, deal with discovered illegal content in a timely manner, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of netizens.

    China Internet Audiovisual Association calls on the majority of online audiovisual platforms, producers and broadcasters to strictly abide by national laws and regulations, consciously boycott harmful content, strengthen manual review, and strengthen the crackdown on illegal micro-short dramas. At the same time, it also calls on netizens to actively report illegal content and jointly maintain the health and prosperity of the online audiovisual market.

    China Network Audiovisual Association

    March 21, 2024


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