The movie "Manjianghong" responds to Internet rumors: ghost fields, box office stealing, etc. are all nonsense

    Poster of the movie "Manjianghong"

    On January 26, the movie "Manjianghong" issued a statement on its official Weibo, saying that the accusations against "Manjianghong" such as "ghost field", "stealing box office", "buying box office", "capital manipulation" and "plagiarism" are all groundless. It is purely a case of people with ulterior motives using various methods to spread rumors, taking advantage of problems such as failures in individual movie theaters or ticketing systems, and maliciously attacking and causing trouble by pointing out their faces.

    Full statement:

    To all the friends who care about and love "Manjianghong":

    This year's Spring Festival, a number of domestic masterpieces were released, and achieved good results in terms of market performance and word-of-mouth, which also injected a shot in the arm for the overall recovery of the film market. Regrettably, we have discovered that many malicious rumors against "Manjianghong" have appeared on various platforms recently, and we are deeply saddened by this.

    As creators, we welcome any discussion from the audience on the content of the movie, but we regret that some people with ulterior motives intentionally spread rumors and maliciously smear. This kind of behavior not only caused harm to the film "Man Jianghong", but also disrupted the market environment of the Spring Festival, further harming the Chinese film industry.

    In order to jointly maintain a good market environment, we didn't want to make a statement at first, and believed in good faith that this was just a small group of people with ulterior motives. "Manjianghong" has the responsibility to make its own voice heard.

    Here we responsibly declare that the accusations of "Manjianghong" such as "ghost field", "box office stealing", "buying box office", "capital manipulation" and "plagiarism" are all nonsense and are purely used by people with ulterior motives Rumors are fabricated by various methods, and problems such as failures in individual movie theaters or ticketing systems are used to maliciously attack and cause trouble. In this regard, the producers of "Man Jianghong" are collecting evidence, and have begun to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the film through litigation and other methods in accordance with the law.


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